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King Harald of Norway - Hospitalizations & Health Issues

Rikshospitalet Gaustad 19jun2005
Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet
J. P. Fagerback, BSD, via Wikimedia Commons

I think anytime a royal is in the hospital or having a major health event, there is public concern. I have compiled this information for the purpose of allowing the public to better understand the royal's health history.

All information I share is publicly available information that has been released by the palace. Out of respect for the royals, I don't include any rumors or anything not confirmed by the palace or royals. 

  • Became ill during holiday in Malaysia
    • Hospitalized at Sultanah Maliha Hospital in Malaysia with infection
      • Tuesday Feb 27th- Sunday March 3rd
      • Surgery to install temporary pacemaker
        • Saturday, March 2nd
    • Medical Transport by Royal Air force
      • March 3rd
      • Langkawi, Malaysia - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (t0 re-fuel) - Oslo, Norway
    • Hospitalized at Rikshospitalet in Norway
      • Sunday, March 3rd-March 14th
      • Surgery to install permanent pacemaker
        • Tuesday, March 12th
    • Sick Leave
      • Crown Prince Haakon as Regent (expect when out of the country, see below).
        • Monday Feb 26th- April 21st 
      • Government as Regent, while Haakon is out of the country
        • April 3rd-5th
        • April 15th-19th
      • Hakkon was already scheduled to act as regent during the time King Harald was out of the country on Holiday. (Feb 26th-March 6th.)
  • Week 1 Updates:
    • Tuesday February 27th: Initial announcement from palace. The King receives good follow-up from both Malaysian and Norwegian medical personnel.
    • Wednesday Feb 28th: The King's physician is in Langkawi [district of Malaysia] and notes that the King is recovering from his infection. The king is well looked after in the hospital and receives good treatment.
      • The king will remain in the hospital for a few more days. No decision has been made regarding the return journey. 
      • The Norwegian embassy in Kuala Lumpur has offered practical assistance in connection with the visit.
      • The rest of the Royal Family's official program is going as planned.
    • Thursday Feb 29th: King Harald is improving. But still undergoing treatment at hospital. King Harald will remain in the hospital on Malaysia for a few more days. He will then travel back to Norway via plane. 
      • The Norwegian Government is facilitating the transportation, and the Norwegian Armed Forces will be responsible for the practical arrangements for his return to Norway.
    • Friday March 1st: King Harald is still recovering. The king will be in hospital for a few more days for treatment and rest, before returning home.
      • Norway Armed Forces reports that the cost of King Harald's medical transport is estimated at just over NOK 2 million and will be taken from the defense budget.
    • Saturday March 2nd:  King Harald had a temporary pacemaker implanted.
    • The pacemaker was implanted due to a low heart rate. The decision was made earlier today, and the procedure was successful. His Majesty is doing well under the circumstances but still requires rest. The procedure will make the return back home safer.
    • The medical transportation to Norway is likely to take place within the next couple of days. 
    • Sunday March 3rd:  King Harald had departed Malaysia via Air force Medical Transportation. Queen Sonja traveled with him. 
      • King Harald will be admitted to Rikshospitalet Hospital in Norway. 
      • King Harald will be on sick leave for 2 week, while Crown Prince Haakon acts as Regent. 
    • Sunday March 3rd: King Harald has arrived in Norway this evening. 
      • The transportation went well, and His Majesty’s health is improving.
      • The King will be admitted to the hospital Rikshospitalet for medical examinations. He will stay in hospital for a few days for treatment and rest.
    • Monday March 4th: King Harald will require a permanent pacemaker. The surgery will be scheduled for when King Harald is infection free. This may take several days so King Harald will probably remain in the hospital over the weekend. 
      • The general condition is stable and improving.
  • Week 2 Updates:
    • Wednesday March 6th: King Harald's infection is under control, and the permanent pacemaker will likely be inserted early next week.
      • The King's general condition is satisfactory and improving.
  • Week 3 Updates:
    • Tuesday March 12th: King Harald had surgery to install a permanent pacemaker this morning. The operation took place at Rikshospitalet Hospital in Norway and was successful. He will remain in the hospital a "few days."
    • Tuesday March 12th: King Harald is expected to remain on sick leave until after Easter. 
    • Thursday March 14th: King Harald discharged from hospital. He will continue to rest and recover at home. Sick leave until April 8th. Crown Prince Haakon to continue to act as regent. 
  • April Updates:
    • Thursday April 4th: King Harald’s sick leave will be extended for 2 more weeks, until Monday, April 21st. 
      • Crown Prince Haakon’s overseas trip to USA April 15th-19th will continue as planned & “government will oversee the governance of the country”.
    • Friday April 19th: King Harald will resume official engagements on Monday
    • Monday April 22nd: King Harald will resume official engagements today. He will have a permanent reduced number and scope of official engagements. 
  • January
    • Sick Leave with Respiratory Infection
      • January 31st- February 4th
      • Crown Prince Haakon as regent
      • Updates:
        • January 31 - Sick leave announced with the king off Wednesday through Friday (Jan 31st-Feb 2nd).
        • February 2nd - Sick leave extended through Sunday (February 4th), 
  • February 

  • May
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (May 8th - 15th)
      • Infection
      • Updates:
        • Wednesday 10th: Sick leave for rest of week. Recovering, but still in Hospital. Incoming Italy State Visit will continue as planned. 
        • Friday 12th: Recovering, will remain in hospital a few more days. Sick leave until May 16th. 
        • Monday 15: Released from hospital. Will decided on Tuesday if King if we’ll enough for national Day celebrations. 
    • Sick Leave (May 8th -16th)
      • Crown Prince Haakon as Regent
  • August-September
    • Sick with a Cold
      • Sick Leave (August 28th-Sept 3rd)
      • Crown Prince Haakon as Regent
  • October
    • Sick with Covid, has Cold Symptoms
      • Sick Leave (22nd-29th)
        • Crown Prince Haakon as regent
      • Updates:
        • Oct 25th: King Harald is recovering well, but sick leave will continue for rest of the week. The annual Storting (Parliament) Dinner will take place as planned with Crown Prince Haakon will fill in for the King. 
        • Oct 29th: King Harald is healthy and will be back to work on Monday
  • March 
    • Sick with Covid
      • Sick Leave (March 22nd-April 1st)
  • August
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (4th-8th)
      • Infection, treated with intravenous antibiotics.
  • November 
    • Sick with Cold
      • Sick Leave (25th -?)
  • December
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (19th-21st)
      • Infection, treated with intravenous antibiotics.
  • January
    • Sick Leave due to pain in leg (Jan 28th - Jan 31st)
    • Surgery at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (Jan 30th)
      • to repair injured tendon over right knee. 
  • January-April
    • Sick Leave due to knee Surgery (Jan 30th-April 11th)
      • Originally ending Feb 14th, the sick leave was extended twice.
  • January 
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (8th-15th)
      • Dizziness
    • Sick Leave (?8th-Jan 24th)
  • September
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (25th-28th)
      • for "Heavy Breathing"
    • Sick Leave (Sept 25th-October 4th)
  • October
    • Scheduled Surgery at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet
      • To replace heart valve inserted in 2005
    • Sick Leave (October 8th - 30th)
  • -
  • April
    • Sick Leave (April 25th - ?)
      •  Congestion and pain in one foot.
  • November 
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (17th-20th)
      • Infection
  • ?(Month)
    • Surgery at ?
      • To insert heart valve
  • January -?
    • Sick Leave as he recovers from Bladder Removal
  • November-December
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (Nov 25th-26th)
      • Blood in Urine
    • Hospitalized at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet (Nov 29th- Dec 22nd)
      • Blood in Urine
      • Diagnosed with bladder Cancer
    • Surgery to remove bladder (Dec 8th)
    • Sick Leave (Nov 25th - into 2004)

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