Thursday 30 November 2023

Denmark Christmas Calendar - 2023


The Denmark Royal's Christmas Calendar runs from December 1st through December 24th (Christmas Eve). This year's theme and image is the same as last year "Christmas behind the Palace Windows". The Christmas Calendar features Royal Family Members & Staff. The drawing is of Christian IX's Palace, Queen Margrethe's home at Amalienborg Palace Complex. 

Each day, one of the Windows of the palace will be opened. Clicking on it pops up a post featuring some member of the Royal Family or a palace department. Past Days are illuminated, and can still be viewed. The Pictures at the top of this page will help you to identify the correct window.  (You will notice throughout the month that more Christmas decorations get added to the Calendar.)

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Each Days Topic
  • Day 1  (December 1st) - Prince Vincent helping Royal Chef make Pancake Balls
  • Day 2 - Queen's Reference Library at Christiansborg Palace. 
  • Day 3  (1st Sunday of Advent) - Queen Margrethe lights the first candle of Advent
  • Day 4  - Crown Prince Family decorates their Christmas Tree at Frederik VIII’s Palace
  • Day 5 - Royal Family's Christmas Cards from the Queen's Reference Library
  • Day 6 - Palace’s canteen manager shares Pebernødder (Pepper Nut) Cookie basket with The Royal Life Guard’s sentry company
  • Day 7 -  Princess Benedikte decorates Christmas Tree at Christian VIII’s Palace
  • Day 8 - Queen’s Master Upholsterer upholsters bench with Queen's embroidery. 
  • Day 9 - Kladrubers (Czech White Horses) at the Royal Mews
  • Day 10  (2nd Sunday of Advent) - Crown Prince Frederik lights the 2nd candle of Advent
  • Day 11 - Queen's Master of the Royal Household prepares for New Year's Eve Banquet
  • Day 12 - Master of the Hunt prepares for move to Marselisborg Palace
  • Day 13 - Royal Life Guard’s Drum Corps plays music on the Metro
  • Day 14 - Treasurer’s Office finalize this year's accounts 
  • Day 15 - Queen Margrethe wrapping Christmas gifts
  • Day 16 - Princess Marie makes roast pork for pre-Chrsitmas dinner for family in Washington DC
  • Day 17  (3rd Sunday of Advent) - Prince Christian lights the 3rd candle of Advent
  • Day 18 - Queen Margrethe’s 10-year-old dachshund Tillia goes for a walk in Copenhagen
  • Day 19 - The assistant matron at Marselisborg Palace prepares for Queen Margrethe's Christmas stay.
  • Day 20 - Master Jointer makes Christmas decorations
  • Day 21 - Preparing the Marselisborg Palace Christmas tree
  • Day 22 - Attic at Marselisborg Palace where christmas decorations are stored
  • Day 23 - Princess Isabella & Princess Josephine label Christmas Gifts
  • Day 24 (Christmas Eve) (4th Sunday of Advent)  - Crown Prince Family video calls with Danish Astronaut Andreas Mogensen at International Space Station
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