Monday, 29 June 2015

Royals at Wimbledon - 2015

June 29th 
  • Duke of Kent
Tuesday 30th 
  • No Royals in Attendance 
Wednesday July 1st 
  • Duchess of Gloucester
  •  Duke of Kent
Thursday 2nd 
  • Duchess Camilla
    • Met with Wimbledon Staff
Also in Royal Box was:
  • Annabel Elliot (Duchess Camilla's Sister)
  • Carole and Michael Middleton (Duchess Catherine's Parents)
Friday 3rd 
  • No Royals in Attendance 
Saturday 4th 
  • Member of the Armed Forces 
  • No Royals in Attendance 
Sunday 5th 
  • Middle Sunday - No Matches
Monday 6th 
  • Duchess of Gloucester
    • Attend the Lawn Tennis Association President's Lunch 
  • Duke of Kent
  • Princess Michael of Kent
Also in attendance, but not in the Royal Box were:
  • Peter Phillips 
  • Pippa Middleton (Duchess Catherine's sister)
  • James Middleton (Duchess Catherinee's Brother) and Girlfriend, Donna Air 
Tuesday 7th 
  • Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark 
Wednesday 8th 
  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  • Countess Sophie
  • Duke of Kent
  • Prince & Princess of Kent
    • Their Son, Lord Frederick Windsor
  • Prince Albert of Monaco
Also in attendance but not in Royal Box, were:  
  • Zara Phillip-Tindall and Mike Tindall
  • Michael and Carole Middleton (Duchess Catherine's Parents)
Thursday 9th 
  • No Royals in Attendance 
  • Pippa & James Middleton (Duchess Catherine's Siblings)
Friday 10th - Semi Finals
  • Prince Andrew
  • Duchess of Gloucester
Saturday 11th - Finals 
  • Duke of Kent
Sunday 12th - Finals
  • Duchess of Gloucester
  • Duke of Kent
  • Princess Michael of Kent 
    • And son, Lord Frederick Windsor
Also in Attendance, but not in the Royal Box were:
  • Pippa Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge's sister)


  1. No surprise the most royals at Mens Quarter Finals, would have been better for women's tennis though if more than just Crown Prince Fredrick had attended! Wonder if George/Charlotte will ever attend as children, usually children aren't allowed in the royal box (hence David Beckham and his son) but surely an exception would be made when they're a bit older!

    1. My guess is They will wait till George and Charlotte are older... the Royal Box at Wimbledon is such a Public Performance, any facial express you make while watching the game will be on every front page the next day.

      I think the Couple will definitely want to share their love of sport with their children, but in a more private way. Where they can enjoy it without all the attention on them.