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November Q&A

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

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Question 1: When will we get new Photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Answer: The Cambridges don't really have a set schedule of when they release photos every year. They try to releases photos a few times a year, so that the media/public has recents photos. Which is important because kids can grow a lot in a given year.

The only thing we have seen consistently, that I would expect to continue, is a new photo released on their birthday.

Leaving Lindo Wing, 1st Official Photo, Christening, are all event that only happen with newborns, so we aren't going to see those again with Charlotte or George.

The Cambridges did release a Family photo for Mothering Sunday in 2014, but that was to prep for their Australia/New Zealand tour. So that as the media was reporting on the upcoming tour, they had a recent photo to use instead of the 5 month old christening photo. When the Cambridges do go on tour again with the kids, I would expect another photo to be released in preparation. 

Last year the Cambridge released an official Christmas Photo for the 1st time in their whole marriage.  The reason was again because the media and public wanted/needed a recent photo of Prince George, the one previous was 5 months old from George's 1st birthday. Given that their aren't any birthdays around Christmas, and it will be 5 months since the last official photos, I think there is a high chance we will  get a set of Official Photos released for Christmas again this year.  And I would expect this to continue ever year. One of the reasons we didn't see any official photos for George's 1st christmas was because we had just had Prince George's Christening in late October. We had a recent photo, so there wasn't a need for new photos.

Question 2: How far along is Princess Victoria?

Answer: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is due in March 2016, that would make her 4-5 months along right now. 

Her sister-in-law Princess Sofia is due month latter in April. 

Question 3: Do we have any new information about Prince Harry's South Africa Trip?

Answer: No, just the date November 26th - December 4th. We do know, that during the visit Harry will be stoping in Lesotho to open Sentebale's new centre.

Question 4: Do you have an address for the King and Queen of Bhutan?

Answer: YES!!! I'm really proud of myself for finding this!!! The royals don't have an official website, so it was really hard to track down this information. Especially since I can't really google translate myself to the answer either by trying to search for things in Dzongkha (their Official Language) either.

HM King of Bhutan,
Royal Secretariat,
Tashichho Dzong,
Thimphu, Bhutan

You could also address the letter to Their Majesties the King and Queen. This is the kind of occasion where you want to be more formal. My rule of thumb is write in the level of formality you would use if you were talking to them. 

With Heads of State your going to be more formal out of respect, "Your Majesty". But with some of the younger royals like Prince Harry, he might insist you call him "Harry" instead of "Your Royal Highness" if your were talking to him.

I have never written to any of the royals of Bhutan. So, I have no idea what kind of response, if any, you will get. 

Question 5: My grandparents 52nd wedding anniversary is fast approaching and as a gift I was planning on writing to either The Queen or Will & Kate to see if they could send a letter back wishing my grandparents a happy anniversary. 

Answer: If you write to either the Queen or Will and Kate you will get some sort of response, their offices responds to pretty much all the letters they receive. 

Your response will most likely be from either one of the Queen’s lady-in-waiting or someone from the communications section at Clarence House. It will be something like “Unfortunately the Royal gets to many requests for anniversary message that they can not responded to all of them…. etc.” The Queen gets over 300 letters every single day and the Cambridges get thousands a year. They are unable to send out personal responses. 

The Queen does send out congratulations for 60th, 65th, 70th anniversaries, and then every year after that. (as well as 100 birthdays, 105th and then every birthday after that) To receive this special message you have to apply for it, it is not automatic and is only open to British Citizens and people from commonwealth countries.

Question 6: If Monaco uses HSH instead of HRH, why is Princess Caroline a HRH?

Answer: Princess Caroline is styled Her Royal Highness because that is the style used by the defunct House of Hanover. She married the now head, HRH Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover in 1999. This is also why only her children from this marriage, Princess Alexandra, is given the title of Princess.

You see a similar thing with Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein. Born a Princess of Batavia she used the style HRH. When she married into the Liechtenstein royal family she continued to be referred to as HRH, even though the Liechtenstein royals use HSH.

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