Monday 1 February 2016

Feburary Q&A

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

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Question 1: Will there be any Royals attending the Youth Olympics in Norway?

Answer:  Yes, Norway, Denmark and Monaco Royals attendance has been confirmed! Princess Ingrid  will have a special role lighting the Olympic flame during the Opening Ceremony. 

For more on the Youth Olympics check here.

Question 1a: Do you think Princess Anne will attend?

Answer: No, Unfortunately she has engagements in the UK, almost everyday during the games. She is however expected to attend the 2016 Rio Olympics this summer, although that has not been official confirmed. 

Question 2: When is Crown Princess Victoria due?

Answer: Sometime in March, we haven't been told more than that! Speculation is she is expecting early in the month. 

Question 3: Last month I sent a letter to the Duchess of York and still I haven't got a response. Do I have to send again or still wait? How long should I wait for this letter? 

Answer: Replies from the Royals usually take 1-2 months.... but you could be waiting as long a 4 months. 

Just be patient. I've usually gotten replies from Sarah just over a month after I sent my letter. But that was for Christmas and Birthdays, when her office was expecting and ready to get mail. If you send letters other times, they could be busy with stuff and take longer to reply. 

I just got a letter from Sarah for writing to wish her a Merry Christmas...... I will hopefully have a post up about that soon!

Question 4: Which Royals do you think will attend the real Olympics this summer?

Answer: No, Royal Attendance has been confirmed yet. 

I think it is likely Princess Anne, Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Frederik of Denmark, Grand Duke Henri of Luxemborg, and Prince Faisal of Jordan will all make an appearance, if their schedules allowed. They are all on the IOC (International Olympic Committee). 

I would then expect there is a good chance we might see some former Olympic Athletes, especially those who competed in the summer olympics. (E.g. Spanish Royals Family)

Question 5: When do you think Prince Harry will get engaged

Answer: When he finds a girl he likes, gets serious with her, knows that the public likes her, and that she is ready, willing and fully understands what will be expected of her as royal.  

Question 6: What royal families or members of this families respond to the letters the fastest? 

Answer: I don't think there is one Royal Family who responses to letters the fastest. How long it takes to respond is going to vary depending on how busy their correspondence office (if they have one) is at a given time. I've gotten very fast responses and very slow responses from the same people. 

There are often more important things their office has to deal with, so Birthday wishes or Christmas cards are not the top priority. They will get to them when they have time. I have gotten a response, and then I've had friends who wrote for the same event get their response two months latter. So it all varys. 1-2 months is the average response time, but I've gotten up to 4 months before. 

Question 7a: Why don't the Swedish royal family reply back very often? 

Answer: In a way the Swedish Royals do reply. They always release a statement saying how deeply touched they were by all of the well wishes they received for X event. They just don't sending out replies to everyone who write to them. They also tend to have an online book where people can send their well wishes for a particular event.  

You must remember that whenever there is a big event, there are hundred, or thousands of people writing. And there are going to be very important people (Government officials, friends, family, people from their charities and patronages, etc.) who must get a reply. So it is not like their correspondence office is doing nothing, they are just very busy. 

Question 7b: Do you think they would send back replies for Sofia & Carl Philip's baby or Victoria & Daniel's?

I can't really say with any certainly if we will get replies for the two Swedish births in the coming months. I'm going to write, I don't expect anything in reply. They are not as predictable as other royal families, when it comes to correspondances. 

I don't have enough information or experience to say under what circumstances the Swedish royals will or will not send replies. On one hand it seems to be for very big and important events, on the other hand some times when you write during times when no one else is writing you may get a response. It also helps if you are from Sweden. 


  1. Hello! I have a little problem. Last month I sent a letter to the Duchess of York and still I haven`t got a response. Do I have to send again or still wait? How long should I wait for this letter? Could you help me? Thank you ;) ;)

  2. Why doesn't the Swedish royal family reply back very often? Do you think they would send back replies for Sofia & Carl baby or Victoria's and Daniel's?