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May Q&A (2016)

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Question 1: Do you think that Will & Kate will have anymore children? 

Answer: I don't think one can say yes or no with any certainty. We known for sure that the Cambridges wanted kids, they "needed" to have at least two (a heir and a spare) and it's would be nice to have at least one boy and one girl.

Since they have all that, it is hard to say if they are going to have more. I think there are a number of things we need to consider:
  1. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)
    • Catherine being badly sick with HG, would definitely be a reason to stop after 2 kids. However it didn't seem to be too bad. Kate was only hospitalized once, with the first pregnancy. She did cancel a bunch of engagements during the early part of both pregnancies, but was able to return to engagements latter on. She even was able to travel overseas with her 2nd pregnancy. 
    • Both Babies arrived perfectly healthy, Full-Term, with no complications. And the fact that Catherine was able to walk out of the hospital a few hours after giving birth, clearly illustrates that everything was going well. 
  2. Two Children Rule?
    • There is this theory going around that Prince Philip has said that people should only have two children, so we can keep the population under control. And that the Royal Family is following this rule. 
    • Yes, all 4 of his children only have two children, but 3 of those were unhappy marriages that ended in divorce. Andrew and Sarah separated too soon after Princess Eugenie was born for a 3rd child to ever be a option. Mark Philips did have a third child while he was married to Anne, but it was with someone else. 
    • With Sophie and Edward, there were some complications with Lady Louise, as well as a failed pregnancy. Sophie and Edward were also both in their 40's by the time James was born, so a 3rd baby wasn't really a option either.   
    • I don't think the Cambridges are going to feel pressured to have only two kids, but they aren't going to full pressured to have more either. 
  3. Private Time to Raise their Children
    • The Cambridges intend to be very hands on and raise their children as normal and away from the publics eye as possible. So I think it is pretty safe to say they are going to have all their children before they have to make that switch into being Full-Time royals. 
    • I think they have learned from past generations that it is a struggle balancing family and royal duties. 
    • Being a Full-time royals, means William gives up his helicopter job, they move to London more full time and the both will take on many more royal duties. This will also mean a lot less of a private life, for both them and their children. I predict the switch to full-time royals will happen sometime before Charles becomes King (Which should happen in the next decade). In fact William has already said it is likely he will leave his helicopter job when his contract runs out, next year. 

As I said I don't think we can say anything for certain, but I'm definitely hoping for a third, and think there is a strong possibility. But what every happens will happen in the next few years, they won't wait too long.  

Question 2: Who do you think Prince George looks more like? What about Princess Charlotte?

Answer: George and Charlotte definitely have their mother's cheeks. But I think they both look like both parents. As long as they have the Middleton Hair I'm happy.

Question 3: How many engagemants has Kate done in 2016 so far ?

Answer: As of May 3rd, Catherine has done 43 engagements (16 + Royal Tour of India & Bhutan). You can view her full list of engagements here.

William has done 53 (26 + Royal Tour of India & Bhutan) so far this year.

Harry has done 44 (26 + Royal Tour of Nepal).

The Queen has done 87.

Camilla has done 75 (38 + Royal Tour of Western Balkans)

Question 4: Did Prince Andrew attend the 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor? I didn't see him. 

Answer: Yes, he did. He was sitting in the first row, off on the end. So he wasn't in to many pics. 

Question 5: Was Rebecca Deacon at the Garden Party Today? 

Answer: Yes. Rebecca is in Black/Dark Blue to Kate's right, talking to the women in Grey dress and man in Grey top-hat.

Question 6: Do you know if there is any address to write to the Spencer family?? 

Answer: By the Spencer family do you mean Princess Diana's brother? For the most part Diana's other family mostly just live private lives. I wasn't able to find anything about sending mail to Charles Spencer directly. But he does live at the family estate, Althorp, which is partially a museum/ tourist attraction. So you could write there:

Northampton NN7 4HQ
United Kingdom

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