Tuesday, 19 September 2000

State Opening of Parliament - Sweden 2016 (English Translation)

Mr. President, 
Honorable Members of the Parliament,
Today we have gathered to open a new parliamentary year. You will now continue your important work to move our nation forward. We live in a globalized world. Many events have recently shaken the world, including Sweden. It is clearer more than ever that what happens outside of Sweden also concerns us.
Also, the European Union is a subject to stress. We must continue to believe in cooperation between countries and on a covenant that guarantees peaceful interaction. Sweden has been at peace for over 200 years and is today one of the world's most prosperous countries. This has not always been. Over a hundred years ago, we were a poor country as people left. Over the past 150 years, Sweden has gone from being a country of emigration to a country that many people turn to. Today, we also have thousands of Swedes abroad every year to work or study.
I hope that all Swedes in Sweden and abroad, stand up for our values. Values that belief in human equality, equality between women and men, the belief in a democratic form of government, religion and speech. Sweden has a long tradition of promoting peace, security and human rights in a international context.
Through Sweden's newfound place in the UN Security Council, we now have an opportunity to further make our voice heard in the global context. I hope we will manage this opportunity well. Already this week we will hold a summit in New York on the global refugee situation. An important meeting where Sweden is one of the organizers. Continued development of Sweden means the workplace is constantly renewed through entrepreneurship and innovation. It requires research and development to continue to be world class. And finally, a school and a higher education that puts knowledge and learning first.
Our cultural heritage is the glue that binds us together. It is rich and diverse - created by influences from different countries over many centuries. By meeting with mutual respect, and by listening and learning from each other, so we develop. That is why conversation between people is so important. Ladies and gentlemen, You were elected by the citizens who have the right to vote today. But the choices that you make affect the future of many more. Swedish children and young people depend on you to make wise and long-term decisions. Mr President, With these words I wish you and all the elected representative of the Swedish people, power, courage and wisdom to bring our nation further into a better world for all our people. I hereby declare 2016/2017 Parliamentary Session open.
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