Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Duchess Sarah - Birthday Reply (2016)

I wrote to Sarah, Duchess of York last month to wish her a birthday, and received this in reply yesterday. The envelope was quite a tease because they sent the letter in a large, cardboard backed envelope marked "Please do not bend." They usually use that kind of envelope to send an auto-penned photo in. But sadly, no photo this time.

The letter is similar to what we usually see with Sarah. "Felicitations" - means good wishes, usually used to congratulate someone.

It appears whoever sent the letter was in a bit of a rush. They forgot to sign the letter. They also misspelt my name at the bottom of the letter, and again on the envelope.

The quote at the bottom of the page is something unique to Sarah. It is nice to see her change up the quote at the bottom of the letter. The last two years, she used a quote from Pope Pius XII.

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  1. That`s a shame you did not get a signed photo of Sarah. When I got a letter from her on my envelope was a sticker with address. Do you know that the office of the Duchess of York is at Royal Lodge, not in Buckingham Palace. All letters to Sarah are transported from Buckingham Palace to Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park. I was a bit surprised. By the way, Congratulations! :)

  2. Your right that the Duchess's office is not a Buckingham Palace. She hasn't had an office there since the divorce. You send your letter there, and they forward it to the proper place. You want to continue doing that. We don't exactly know where her office is.

    You are also right your letter was sent from the Royal Lodge. That's her residence she shares with Prince Andrew when she is in the UK. But she mainly lives in Switzerland.

    Sometimes when you write a letter to a royal at their office you get a reply that was sent from a different residence. i.e. Write to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, you may get a reply from Sandringham. Or Write to Duchess Camilla at Clarence House, you may get a reply from Birkhall.

    So just because you got a reply from the Royal Lodge doesn't mean that's where you want to send your letter to. It just happened to be where her staff was when they were answering this batch of letters. Other times it could be Sarah's residence in Switzerland, or somewhere else. So continue sending your letters to Buckingham Palace, they will transport it to the right place.