Thursday, 23 February 2017

Princess Charlene - Birthday Reply (2017)

Another piece of royal mail arrived yesterday. I had written to Princess Charlene of Monaco for her 39th Birthday last month.

The reply is her usual birthday reply. They send the same card each year, except the message changes slightly. The signature is printed on.

I do find the different line break in the French and English text interesting.

The letter was sent on Valentine's Day. Sadly, Monaco doesn't do a special Valentine's Day postmark, that would have been extra lovely. Instead they have a Théâtre Princesse Grace postmark on the envelope. The theater was of course named after Princess Charlene's mother-in-law, Princess Grace.

Monaco's Postmarks don't change much year to year. They use this Théâtre Princesse Grace postmark during the same period each year (Assuming there isn't some important event that needs it's a special postmark). One of my previous Birthday reply from Princess Charlene was sent during the same period, so it has the same postmark.

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  1. Oh you waited so long! I received letter in January after 1,5 weeks of waiting.

    1. It happens. They send out replies as they get to them.