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Possible Dukedoms for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

This list includes previous Royal Dukedoms, Non-royal dukedoms, things people suggested, etc. The Dukedoms in each section are alphabetized. This isn't a complete list of options, but I think it has all the likely titles. If you have anything you want to suggest, see a mistake, want to voice your preference, etc. leave a comment below.

Of the "Possible Titles," the two sections are both pretty equal in terms of likelihood. I just wanted to give a little commentary about my thoughts and preference. Harry & Meghan's title could very likely be from the list of "Possible Titles -  I don't like."

In addition to a Dukedom, Prince Harry will likely be made an Earl and Baron. This list just covers possible dukedoms.

Dukedoms that would be created for the 1st time are marked with a *

Possible Titles - I don't have a problem with
  • Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven
  • Duke of Kendal
  • Duke of Leeds
  • Duke of Newcastle
  • Duke of Ross
    • There is currently an Earl of Rosse, it a different title, but obviously very similar. 
  • Create a new Dukedom*
  • Elevate an open Earldom*
Possible Titles - I don't like
  • Duke of Buckingham
    • Easily confused with Buckingham Palace, which is both the name of a Royal Residence and Queen's Household
  • Duke of Clarence/ Duke of Clarence and St Andrews/ Duke of Clarence and Avondale
    • Easily confused with Clarence House, which is both the name of a Royal Residence and Charles & Camilla's office.
    • The Dukedom of Albany has a subsidiary title, Earl of Clarence. The title Duke of Albany was suspended during WWI when the family sided with Germany, but could be reclaimed by the descendants.
  • Duke of Cleveland
    • There is a famous USA city called Cleveland, in Ohio. As well as less famous Clevelands in 21 other USA States. I don't think a title with a strong association to the USA would be good.
  • Duke of London*
    • Never created, it was proposed for Winston Churchill
  • Duke of Montagu
    • Spain has it's own Duke of Montagu.
    • Too similar to the Montague family in Romeo and Juliet, who were Italian.
  • Duke of Sussex
    • A press favourite, but too similar to Wessex, easily confused.
  • Duke of Windsor
    • Was created for King Edward VIII (Queen's Uncle), after he abdicated.
    • The Royal Family is already called Windsor.
Not Possible/ Not likely
  • Duke of Albany
    • Suspended during WWI, when the family sided with Germany but could be reclaimed by the descendants 
  • Duke of Albemarle/ Aumale
    • Named after an area of Normandy, France, which was once controlled by the British
    • There is already an Earl of Albemarle
  •  Duke of Bolton
    • There is currently a Baron Bolton
  • Duke of Connaught/ Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
    • Connaught is part of the Republic of Ireland 
    • Prince William is the Earl of Strathearn
  • Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdal
    • Suspended during WWI, when the family sided with Germany but could be reclaimed by the descendants 
  • Duke of Exeter
    • There is already an Earl of Exeter
  • Duke of Hereford
    • There is already an Earl of Hereford
  • Duke of Inverness
    • Prince Andrew is the Earl of Inverness
  • Duke of Ireland
    • This title is from a time when Ireland was under English rule, before the Kingdom of Ireland, and before the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland split.
  • Duke of Kensington*
    • Never created. There is a Baron of Kensington.
    • Easily confused with Kensington Palace, which is the name of a Royal Residence (Cambs, Harry, Queen's cousins, etc), Cambs+Harry+Meghan's office, a Royal Museum, etc.
      • Plus Harry & Meghan may not always live or have their office at Kensington Palace.
  • Duke of Kintyre and Lorne
    • There is already a Marquess of Kintyre and Lorne
  • Duke of Lancaster
    • Informally used by the Queen, who owns the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Duke of Monmouth
    • The 1st & only Duke of Monmouth was an illegitimate son of Charles II and tried to overthrow the King James II
  • Duke of Mountbatten*
    • Mountbatten was Prince Philip's family name from his mother's side. The name is the English translation of Battenburg in Germany. 
    • There is already an Earl Mountbatten of Burma (extended family on Prince Philip's side)
  • Duke of Normandy
    • Britain gave up its claim to Normandy, but the title is still informally used on the British Channel Islands, which were formerly apart of the Duchy of Normandy
  • Duke of Portland
    • There is currently an Earl of Portland
  • Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha*
    • Never a British title, although the British Royal Family is related to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
    • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was a Dutchy in Germany
  • Duke of St. Andrew*
    •  The Duke of Kent is the Earl of St. Andrews 
    • *Never a solo Dukedom, previously Duke of Clarence and St Andrews
  • Duke of Strathearn*
    • Prince William is the Earl of Strathearn
    • *Never a solo Dukedom, previously: 
      • Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn
      • Duke of Kent and Strathearn
      • Duke of Connaught and Strathearn
  • Duke of Surrey
    • There is already an Earl of Surrey
Dukedoms Currently Taken
  • Duke of Abercorn
  • Duke of Atholl
  • Duke of Beaufort
  • Duke of Bedford
  • Duke of Brandon
  • Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry
  • Duke of Cambridge
  • Duke of Cornwall
    • Title belongs to the heir to the throne
  • Duke of Devonshire
  • Duke of Edinburgh
    • Is expected to be passed down to Prince Edward upon Prince Philip's passing
  • Duke of Fife
  • Duke of Gloucester
  • Duke of Grafton
  • Duke of Hamilton
  • Duke of Kent
  • Duke of Leinster
  • Duke of Lennox
  • Duke of Manchester
  • Duke of Marlborough
  • Duke of Montrose
  • Duke of Norfolk
  • Duke of Northumberland
  • Duke of Richmond
  • Duke of Rothesay 
    • Title belongs to the heir to the throne
  • Duke of Roxburghe
  • Duke of Rutland
  • Duke of Somerset
  • Duke of St Albans
  • Duke of Sutherland
  • Duke of Wellington
  • Duke of Westminster
  • Duke of York
    • The title is reserved to the 2nd son of the Monarch. (Although could be given to 2nd child in the future, because of the succession change, if they start giving women Dukedoms.)
    • Only one Duke of York allowed at a time and the title doesn't go away when the monarchy passes and you are no longer the 2nd son. It is not automatic. So even if Andrew passed away during Charles's reign, the title would likely be kept for William's kids.  
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  1. Dukedom of Ancaster and Kesteven, Duke of Portland, Duke of Monmouth and Duke of Bolton are all available.