Monday, 27 November 2017

2018 Royal Wedding Q&A

This Special Q&A is to answer all your questions about the two British Royal Weddings this year. The Q&A will close shortly after Princess Eugenie and Jack's wedding. We will be updating the questions as more information is released.

We've color coded the questions:
  • Harry & Meghan's Wedding
  • Eugenie & Jack's Wedding
  • General Royal Wedding/ Both Wedding
For your non-Royal Wedding questions, check out this month's Q&A

Question 1: Do you think Prince Philip will attend their weddings with the Queen, or will he not because he's retired. 

Answer: I'm certain Prince Philip will be there. The only reason he would miss it is if he was in poor health. Being retired and not doing official duties anymore has nothing to do with attending your grandchildren's wedding. 

Question 2: When will we see wedding website for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? I do remember that there was a wedding website for Prince William and Duchess Kate before they got married in April. 

Answer: Harry & Meghan's wedding is going to be a smaller, more private and personal event than William & Kate's wedding was. So we aren't going to necessarily see them do all the same things as Will & Kate. But their wedding is still going to be a big thing, with a lot of public interest, so I expect we will see an official wedding website. 

With William and Kate's wedding, their official website was released about 2 months before their wedding, so we will probably see similar for Harry & Meghan's Wedding. Right now they have just been publishing updates on

Question 3: What engagements did Kate attend with William before the Wedding?

 (Announce Engagement)
  • Attended the Christmas Spectacular in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust at Thursford Collection, Thursford.

  • Sign Book of Condolence at New Zealand Embassy for earthquake victims
    • (Not on the CC)
  • Named the lifeboat Hereford Endeavour at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Station, in Anglesey 
  • Visit University of St. Andrews to launch their 600th Anniversary Appeal
  • Visited YouthAction Northern Ireland
  • Met representatives from Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise at Greenmount Campus,
  • Opened Darwen Aldridge Community Academy
  • Visited Witton Country Park, for Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge 
(29th: Wedding at Westminister Abbey)

Question 4: Since the Duchess of Cambridge is going to give birth in April is it a possibility that she won't attend Harry & Meghan's wedding?

Answer: Kate will be there. They is no way she would miss it. She has plenty of time between the birth and the wedding. Although I could see her skipping out of the reception early to take care of the little one.

Question 5: Do you think that Eugenie and Jack's wedding will get a CC mention in general, and if so, will it be more akin to Harry and Meghan's or more like, Today, the Duke of York attended the Wedding of HRH...

Answer: I don't expect Eugenie's wedding to be mentioned in the CC.