Thursday, 24 January 2019

Royals attending the CHOGM (1997- Present)

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting is a meeting of all Commonwealth Heads of Government. It takes place every two years.

The Queen has almost attended every CHOGM since it 1st began in 1971. Although, The Queen only began formally participating in 1997.

The table shows 1997 thru present, as that is how far back Royal.UK's CC goes.

Year & Location Queen Philip Charles Camilla Will & Kate Other
1997 - UK x x x

Queen Mum,
Princess Anne
1999 - South Africa x x

2002 - Australia x x

2003 - Nigeria x x

2005 - Malta x x

2007 - Uganda x x x x

2009 - Trinidad 
and Tobago
x x

2011 - Australia x x

2013 - Sri Lanka

x x

2015 - Malta x x x x

2018 - UK
Everyone, See full list here.
2020 - Rwanda

x (Expected)

2022 - Samoa

x (Expected) x (Expected)

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