Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Prince Andrew's Current Patronages (As of End of 2019)

Former Patronages 
(Those that have ended their relationship with Prince Andrew in 2019)
  • Officially Announced End of Patronage
    • The Outward Bound Trust (Resigned)
    • University of Huddersfield (Resigned)
    • Baker Dearing Educational Trust/ University Technical Colleges
    • SickKids Foundation
    • Tall Ships Youth Trust 
    • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    • English National Ballet (Resigned)
    • The Place
    • The Friends of Lakefield College School
    • Canadian Canoe Museum
    • Whitgift School
    • Power 2
    • Yorkshire Air Ambulance
    • Action on Hearing Loss 
    • London Metropolitan University (Resigned)
    • Golf Foundation
    • Marine Society and Sea Cadets 
      • Andrew - was Admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps
      • Queen - is Patron 
    • York Minster Appeal (Resigned)
  • Removed Andrew from their Website 
    • TeenTech
    • The Cambridge Science Centre
    • The Trampery
    • Alderney Maritime Trust
    • Jubilee Sailing Trust
    • Raspberry Pi Foundation
    • Royal Society for Asian Affairs
    • Royal Perth Golfing Society and Country and City Club
    • Royal Norwich Golf Club
    • Staffordshire Regiment Trust
    • Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship Foundation
    • The Children's Foundation
    • The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust
    • British-Kazakh Society
    • Council of British International Schools
    • Intercontinental Church Society
    • Yorkshire Society
    • On Course Foundation
    • Association of Leading Visitor Attractions
    • Maple Bay Yacht Club
    • Ryedale Festival
    • The Peter Jones Foundation
    • Royal British Legion, St. James's Branch
    • Malaria No More
    • Badminton England 
    • Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel Trust **
    • The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund
    • Royal Montrose Golf Club
      • Patronage ended Nov 1st, when the club merged with Montrose Mercantile Golf Club
    • Lucifer Golfing Society 
    • Falklands Conservation
    • Seafarers Hospital Society
    • Sound Seekers
    • St Helena National Trust
    • Sunningdale Ladies Golf Club
    • Army Museums Ogilby Trust
    • Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence
    • Society for Nautical Research
      • Andrew was President 
      • Philip is Patron 
  • Appointed a Replacement
    • Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League
      • Queen is Patron
      • Andrew was Grand President 
      • General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux is the New Grand President 
  • Closed
    • The Duke of York Young Champions' Trophy
Current Patronages 
(Based, in part, on the database from Royal.UK, which is not 100% accurate or up-to-date.)

If I was able to find on the organization's website a mention of Prince Andrew being their current Patron, I have linked to it.

* mark those patronages that have confirmed they are keeping Prince Andrew. 
  • 21st Doncaster Scout Group 
    • Andrew - Grand President 
    • Queen - Patron 
  • Army Officers' Golfing Society
  • Army Rifle Association 
  • Attend (National Association of Hospital and Community Friends) 
  • Aycliffe Centre for Young People
  • Badminton Wales (Welsh Badminton Union) 
  • Bermuda Sloop Foundation
  • British Deaf Association
  • British Exploring Society (BSES Expeditions)
    • Andrew - Patron-in-Chief
  • British Science Association
  • Broughton House Home for Ex-Service Personnel
  • Catalyst Inc
  • Children North East
  • City Gateway
  • Commonwealth Golfing Society
  • Constructionarium
  • Faldo Junior Series
    • Andrew - President 
  • Fight for Sight
    • Andrew - Royal Patron
  • Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association
  • Fly Navy Heritage Trust
  • Foundation for Liver Research
  • Friends of the Staffordshire Regiment 
  • GBx
  • Greenwich Hospital
  • H.M.S. Duke of York Association
    • Andrew - Honorary President 
  • Hunstanton Golf Club
  • Interfaith Explorers
  • Inverness Golf Club
    • Andrew - Honorary President 
  • Killyleagh Yacht Club
    • Joint Patron
  • Kohima Educational Trust
  • Maimonides Interfaith Foundation
  • Morayvia Aerospace Centre 
  • Nominet Trust
  • Police Treatment Centres
  • Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta
  • Richmond Golf Club
  • Round Square
  • Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom
    • Andrew - President 
    • Queen - Patron 
  • Royal Aero Club Trust
  • Royal Air Force Golfing Society
  • Royal Alberta United Services Institute
  • Royal Artillery Golfing Society
  • Royal Ascot Golf Club
  • Royal Belfast Golf Club
  • Royal Blackheath Golf Club
  • Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club
  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • Royal County Down Golf Club
  • Royal Free Charity
  • Royal Jersey Golf Club*
  • Royal Liverpool Golf Club*
  • Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
    • Andrew - Patron 
    • Eugenie - Patron of the RNOH charity
  • Royal Navy Golf Association
  • Royal North Devon Golf Club
    • Andrew - President
  • Royal Portrush Golf Club
  • Royal St David's Golf Club
  • Royal Windsor Horse Show
    • Queen - Patron 
    • Philip - President 
    • Andrew - Vice President 
    • Edward & Sophie - Vice President 
  • The Royal Thames Yacht Club
    • Philip - Patron 
    • Charles - Admiral of the Cumberland Fleet
    • Andrew -  Commodore
  • Royal Victoria Yacht Club, British Columbia
  • Royal Winchester Golf Club*
  • Services Sound and Vision Corporation
  • SS Great Britain Trust
  • STFC Harwell and Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus
    • Andrew - Royal Patron 
  • The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • The Duke of York's Community Initiative
  • The Fleet Air Arm Museum
  • The Institution of Civil Engineers
  • The Ladder Foundation
  • The Northern Meeting
  • The Omani Britain Friendship Association
    • Andrew - Joint Patron 
    • HH Sayyid Haitham bin Tarik Al Said - Joint Patron 
  • The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust
  • The Royal Household Golf Club
  • University of Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Wellington Academy
  • York Race Course
  • Young Engineers


  1. Are Pitch at the Palace and iDEA not considered patronages? Those are the two big things I've seen companies pulling support for. Is he a founder/president instead of a patron?

    1. Both of those are projects that are run by Prince Andrew's office. And I don't know if either are actually charities.
      I know Pitch at Palace is technically a company.

  2. Bond university, I think correct school, in Australia ended relationship with him and I think another did too

    1. Bond University and the others weren't Patronages, they were partners of Pitch@Palace.

    2. Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying