Thursday, 30 April 2020

Luxembourg Royal Baby Watch (2020)

Born: May 10th, 2020

Sex: Boy

Birth Location: Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital, Luxembourg

Parents: TRH The Hereditary Grand Duke & Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (AKA Prince Guillaume & Princess St├ęphanie)

Name:  Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume.

Title: HRH Prince Charles of Luxembourg

Line of Succession: 2nd (& can not get pushed down by any future birth)

Future Monarch: Yes (Luxembourg succession is the eldest child, regardless of gender, per 2011 decree.)

Press Release from Palace: Yes [Link]

Press Conference/Photocall: Prince Guillaume recorded a statement outside the hospital. [Link]

Public Celebrations: 21 Gun Salute, virtual congratulations book, bell ringing, etc.

First Photo of Baby: We got a glimpse of the little Prince in photos of Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's video chat to meet their grandson. [Link]

  • Will be made a Grand Cross of Order of Adolphe of Nassau & Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau at birth.