Monday 20 February 2023

Princess Beatrix of Netherlands - Hospitalization & Major Health Issues

 I think anytime a royal is in the hospital or having a major health event, there is public concern. I have compiled this information for the purpose of allowing the public to better understand the royal's health history.

All information I share is publicly available information that has been released by the palace. Out of respect for the royals, I don't include any rumors or anything not confirmed by the palace or royals. 


  • February
    • Broke wrist while skiing on Lech, Austria (17th)
    • Operation on Wrist
  • June
    • Surgery to remove a cholesteatoma (abnormal growth) in her left ear.
      • At the Leiden University Medical Center
  • December
    • Covid
      • “Mild cold like symptoms”
  • October
    • Right Knee Surgery

  • September
    • Fell and broke cheekbone
    • Surgery

  • April
    • Cataract Surgery in Right Eye
  • December
    • Left Knee Surgery
      • At Haga Hospital
  • ?
    • Right Knee Surgery

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