Monday, 20 February 2023

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden - Hospitalization & Major Health Events

I think anytime a royal is in the hospital or having a major health event, there is public concern. I have compiled this information for the purpose of allowing the public to better understand the royal's health history.

All information I share is publicly available information that has been released by the palace. Out of respect for the royals, I don't include any rumors or anything not confirmed by the palace or royals. 


  • February 
    • Planned “Laparoscopic (Keyhole) surgery in the heart area” (20th)
      • Hospitalized Feb 20th - Feb 22nd
      • Planned Sick Leave Feb 20th- March 3rd (2 weeks)
      • Statements:
        • “The operation went according to plan and the King is doing well.  The king thanks for all the support and the warmth shown to him, and feels grateful for Swedish healthcare.”
  • January
    • Covid with mild Symptoms

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