This Month

Commonwealth Flags during Commonwealth Day 2023
Photo: Commonwealth Secretariat

The big events this month:

Tuesday  Feb 27th - ?
Thursday Feb 29th - Friday March 1st
  • Czech Republic State Visit to Luxembourg
Monday 11th
  • UK
    • Commonwealth Day
      • Service at Westminster Abbey 
      • Reception hosted by Secretary-General
Tuesday 12th 
  • Sweden 
    • Crown Princess Victoria's Name Day
Tuesday 12th- Thursday 14th
  • Sweden State Visit to Mexico
Sunday 17th?
Tuesday 19th - Friday 22nd
  • Netherlands State Visit to Vietnam 
Thursday 28th 
Sunday 31st

Tuesday 16th - Wednesday 17th
  • Spain State Visit to Netherlands
Thursday 18th -  UK 
? - UK 
  • Finland State visit to Sweden
25th - UK 
    27th Netherlands


    1. and how about Princess Claire, Amalia, Felix & Liam of Luxembourg? Why they aren't in the list?

      1. This isn't a list of everybody. We try to keep it focused on the important, relevant, and interesting royals.
        If we tried to add everyone:

        For Luxembourg: After we added Felix & Claire and their kids, we really ought to all the Grand Duke and Duchess's other kids and grand kids.....And what about the Grand Duke's brothers and sisters, and their spouses, and kids and grand kids...... (We would have to be up to at least 40 people by then).... And then there is Grand Duke Jeans siblings, their spouses and kids and grandkids, etc. The line of succession goes on forever.

        For each Royal Family we had to figure out where to stop. Which is a tough task and we looked at each royal family individually. With Luxembourg, we decided to only include Jean, Henri, Maria Teresa, Guillaume, and Stephanie.

    2. Princess Catharina-Amalia will turn 15 in December :)

    3. Hey I think our made a mistake, Prince Nikolaus of Lichtenstein is not 70 not 18 and is born in October

      1. You are thinking about Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein (Prince Hans-Adam's Younger brother). He is turning 70 on October 24th. I have tried to keep this list to 110 royals, so we aren't including a lot of the extended royal family like Prince Hans-Adam's younger brother.

        The Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein we have included on this list is Hereditary Prince Alois & Hereditary Princess Marie's youngest son.

    4. is there any specific reason why some royals are getting bold font and some are not?

      1. We've bolded some of the more important birthdays that people may want to make special note of: everything ending in a 5 or 0, plus 1-5 & 100+, and any other birthday that is significant to that country like 18.

    5. And UK's state opening of parliament? Isn't it on 20t may?

      1. No date has been announced yet for the UK State Opening of Parliament this year.

    6. Tomorrow is the 98th Birthday of HRH The DOE Prince Philip of Britain.I like to wish him the happiest Birthday ever. It is with great pleasure seeing him on occasions of his choosing,like the Wedding of Lady Gabriela Windsor and Mr. Tom Kingston. There we seen him very happy. But I think the light of his life is the Queen just like it should be.

    7. Looking forward to the birth of baby Mapelli Mozzi in Oct of this year.Also maybe we will be lucky and get a ton of photos, of the new arrival and his cousin August. Life is getting back to normal, thank god. What ever the new normal will be.

    8. The husbands of Pss Beatrice of York Mr Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and her sister Pss Eugenie if York Mr Jack Brooksbank are not included in the birthdays in your list. I know this two men are fairly new members of the British RF. I think the complete list of everyone would take too much time and space. So thank you for all you did write about.

      1. Our list is limited to 110 European Royals. the Spouses of the Queen's Grandchildren are not included, except for the Kate and Meghan as working/former working royals.

    9. Today July 17th is the 3rd wedding anniversary, of Pss Beatrice of York and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. May they be as happy as on day one. Best wishes to them.

    10. A very happy 35th Birthday to Pss Beatrice of York. Mapelli Mozzi. Many more to come.