Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Royal Attendance at Household Division's Beating Retreat (2000-Present)

Household Divison's Beating Retreat is held the Wednesday & Thursday before Trooping the Colours. A Beating Retreat is a spectacular concert of music and military precision drill, including horses, cannon and fireworks.

Each year, a Member of the Royal Family attends the performance and takes the Salute. (Occasionally, we see a royal attend on each night.)

(Note: Various Military Regiments hold Beating Retreats throughout the year. This list only covers the Household Division's annual one before Trooping the Colours.)

Year Royal taking the Salute Notes
2022 Queen Platinum Jubliee
2021 Princess Anne        Accompanied by Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence.
Postponed to July due to Pandemic.
2020 -Canceled due to the Pandemic
2019 Duchess Kate
2018 Prince Andrew Accompanied by Princess Beatrice
& Princess Eugenie
2017 Prince Harry
2016 Prince Andrew
2015 Duchess Camilla
2014 Prince William
2013 The Queen
2012 Prince Edward Accompanied by Countess Sophie
Queen's Diamond Jubilee
2011 Prince Philip The day before Philip's 90th Birthday
2010 Prince Philip
Duke of Kent
2009 Prince Philip
Princess Anne
2008 ?
2007 Princess Anne
2006 The Queen Accompanied by Prince Philip
2005 Princess Anne
2004 Duke of Kent
2003 ?
2002 Duke of Gloucester Queen's Golden Jubilee 
2001 Prince Andrew
2000 The Queen Accompanied by Prince Philip
Prince Edward Accompanied by Countess Sophie

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