Sunday, 9 July 2000

Liechtenstein Royals (Main Page)

(L-R: George, Sophie, Alois, Marie, Hans-Adam II, Marie)
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      • HSH Princess Marie-Caroline
      • HSH Prince Georg 
      • HSH Prince Nikolaus
    • HSH Prince Maximilian & HSH Princess Angela
    • HSH Prince Constantin & HSH Princess Marie
    • HSH Princess Tatjana & Philipp von Lattorff


  1. Today July 21st is the 3rd Birthday of Pss Laetizia and Prince Carl Ludwigof Liechtenstein. They had one older sister, she sadly died at age 18mos.Their parents are Prince Rudolf and Pss Tilsim of Liechtenstein. Rudolf is the nephew of Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein. Happy Birthday to both of the little cuties.

  2. I read yesterday on Bright and Beautiful,that Pss. Astrid of Liechtenstein is engaged to Mr. Rafe Worthington an American.The Engagement was private so not announced at the Blog. Mr Worthington was also present at the Liechtenstein National day Aug.15th 2019, he was also at the Funeral of GD Jean of Luxembourg. When the Wedding will be was not stated. Check it out if you like.

  3. Happy 44th Birthday to Prince Rudolf of Liechtenstein . His wife is pss Tilsim he has two children Carl Ludwig and Laetitia, the oldest daughter died age 18 months.