Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How I Keep Count of Engagements

Keeping count of Official Engagements is always up to interpretation. There are no set of official guidelines. Every year people get different counts. 

Most people count engagements solely using the Court Circular (CC). However the CC is open to interpretation. Not everything on the CC is an engagement. So some people will count something as a engagement, while others will not. Also, some people make count something as 1 engagement, where others may count it as multiple.

The CC is also inconsistent. They will report an engagement, one year or for one royal, but not for others. The CC is known to leave engagements off occasionally. So what should be counted?

Gert's Royals likes to look at things objectively. We don't count something as an engagement purely because it is on the CC. We count it because it meets our standards of what is an official engagement.

When something is not on the CC, we apply those same standards to decided whether it should be counted as an official engagement.

The main question we ask is: "Was the Royal there in an Official Capacity? as Patron? in their role as a member of the Royal Family?" (Personal, work-related, or recreational things are not counted.)

  • If it is listed in the Court Circular (on British Monarchy Website) or their website diary we usually count it as an engagements
    • This includes Private events the Press was not invited to. 
      • Private does not mean Unofficial
      • Public does not mean Official
  • The Court Circular isn't always up-to-date, accurate or consistent 
    • We use our judgement
    • Was the Royal there in a Official Capacity?
    • Was it announced as an engagement?
    • Did the Royal's twitter tweet about it?
    • Are other similar engagements listed on CC, (I.e. Sign Book of Condolences)
    • etc.
  • Somethings on the CC are not Official Engagements, and not counted
    • Births, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, etc.
      • However if they are attending a Foreign Royal Wedding on behalf of the Queen, than that might get counted. 
    • Arrivals and departures at airports
    • Represented at an event by another person
    • etc.
  • Do we count that as one or two engagements?
    • Royals can have more than one engagement a day. We always uses our best judgement and tries to be consistent. 
      • Different organizations at different locations = multiple engagements. 
        • If there are 2+ organization working together on a project, or 1 is the charity/ project of the parent organization, then they are usually counted as 1 organization.
      • Multiple organizations at 1 location for 1 event = 1 engagement (I.e. a conference,  forum, etc.)
      • 2+ location with 1 organization in 1 day = 1 engagement. 
      • Same event over multiple days = a separate engagement each day
        • If a event happens to go past midnight, we do not count that as two days. 
  • When are Private Engagements Official?
    • When listed in the Court Circular
    • If it is an offical meeting for one of their patronages. 
      • I.e. a Board Meeting
    • If it involves the Royal in their Official Capacity as a patron of the organization, or as a member of the Royal Family.
  • What about Royal Tours?
    • For Royal Tours I usually default to the CC. With so much packed in a few days and meeting so many different people, it is hard to clearly define the different engagements. 
    • At the same time, I use my discretion 
      • As said above the CC isn't always accurate. 
These rules are not hard and fast. If you have any questions about my counts of engagements just ask, I would be happy to clarity or hear your suggestions.

List of Official Engagements:

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