Friday 6 February 2015

Royal Q&A Friday Feb 13th

Question 1: Is it true that Prince Harry is on Tinder? I saw someone mention it By Anonymous 

Answer: No, Prince Harry is not on Tinder. I think what you referencing is this @ENews article about their new show Royals. They created a profile for their fictional Prince, who is based off of Prince Harry slightly.

Question 2: Were William and Catherine at BAFTA? I've seen that Prince William gave a speech but there aren't any pictures. By Anonymous 

Answer: No, William and Catherine were not at BAFTA. William prerecorded a speech to tribute Lord Richard Attenborough.

Question 3:Where they also at the pre-awards party? by Anonymous

Answer: No, William and Catherine were not at the pre-BAFTA awards party. Although the events was held at Kensington Palace in one of the State Rooms. William and Catherine have an apartment in Kensington Palace and were rumored to be hosting the event. 

Question 4: Do the Royals celebrate Valentines Day? By Mary

 Answer: Yes, They Do. We know Prince William has give Catherine gifts for Valentines day and sent her flowers when he was away in the Falkland Islands on Military Duty in 2012.

Question 5: When are William and Kate going to have more events? by Anonymous 

 Answer: William and Catherine often announce engagements 2 weeks in advanced. Catherine has two engagements next week and will be winding down as her due date approaches. William is currently training and taking exams for his job as a Ambulance Helicopter Pilot. You can stay up to date on all their upcoming engagements here.

Q: When did they [William, Kate and George] get back from their holiday? by Anonymous 

 Answer: They flew back on Friday Feb 6th, although photos of them getting on the plane at the airport were not published until Monday. They were in Mustique for two week, spending time with the Middleton Family and celebrating Carole Middleton’s 60th Birthday!


  1. When are William and Kate going to have more events?

  2. Do the Royals celebrate Valentines Day?