Friday, 1 April 2016

April Q&A (2016)

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

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Question 1: Are there any guests from other royal families invited to Queen Elizabeth's birthday? Who will attend to the celebration in your opinion? 

Answer: The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations span over many months, with a bunch of different events.  You can find everything we know so far about the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations here. With a break down as to who will attend the different events.

The Queen's whole family will be participating in the celebrations at different times. Don't read anything to someone not attending a certain event.

Currently there aren't any big events planned for Foreign Royals to attend. I don't think we will see any big birthday dinner with foreign royals, like other foreign monarchs have done for their milestone birthdays. (The Queen's didn't doing anything like that for her 80th, either.)

We will see a lot of foreign royal families sending the Queen good wishes for her birthday.

Question 2: What is Prince Harry doing? And where he is? 

Answer: Prince Harry just go back a few days ago from Nepal. After his Royal Tour, he stayed in the country for a few extra days to work with Team Rubicon UK on an earthquake relief project.

He is back in the UK now. He is probably prepping for his visit to Canada and the Invictus Games in USA next month.

His first engagement this month will be on Wednesday, the 6th. He will attend the unveiling of the UK 2016 Invictus Games team at Buckingham Palace. For more upcoming engagements for Prince Harry. 

Question 3: Are you going to send a Birthday Card to King Philippe of Belgium? 

Answer: Yes. 

Question 3a: Is it appropriate to mention the brussels attack in my letter? 

Answer: Yes. It is completely appropriate to mention. It think King Philippe would love to hear about your support for Belgium after these attacks, and to know that the country is in your thoughts.

Question 4: If I want to send Princess Charlotte a Birthday Card, should I address it to her or her parents? 

Answer: Great Question. When writing for children's birthdays, christenings, etc, address it to who ever you are really writing to. A letter/card to a child is going to be different than for an adult.

Since Princess Charlotte is a baby who can't read, unless your card is a picture or something she can chew on, you're really writing to her parents. They are also the ones sending the Thank You card. So you should address your letter to them.

When Charlotte get's older and you are actually writing to Charlotte, you can address it to her.

The address for the Cambridges is:

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Clarence House
London SW1A 1BA
United Kingdom

Question 5: Did Zara Phillips ever attend any of the Buckingham Palace Garden Parties? 

Answer:  No, I don't believe Zara ever has.

Question 6: Which members of other royal families has Prince Harry met?

Answer: I think at this point Harry had meet members from almost every royal family, and certainly all the major ones.  I didn't go into the defunct monarchies, obscure ones, or extended royal families.

Harry meet a lot of royals at things like weddings (e.g. William and Catherine), funerals (e.g. Queen Mum),  2012 Olympics, Queen's various Jubilee celebrations, trips abroad, royal visits to UK, etc.

Not a complete list, and I'm not 100% sure on all the children on the list, but they are mentioned as Harry had occasion to meet them.

  • King & Queen, King Albert
  • King
  • Queen, Henrik, Frederik, Mary, Christian, Isabella
  • King
  • Grand Duke and Grand Duchess
  •  Prince Hans-Adam II
  • Albert & Charlene
  • King, Queen, Princess Beatrix, Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess Alexia, Princess Ariane
  • King and Queen, Crown Prince & Crown Princess, Princess Ingrid & Prince Sverre Magnus 
  •  King, Queen, King Carlos, & Queen Sofia
  • King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip

If you have any specific question, about Harry meeting someone on the list or not on the list, feel free to ask. 


  1. Are there any guests from other royal families invited to Queen Elizabeth's birthday? Who will attend to the celebration in your opinion?