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June Q&A (2016)

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

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Question 1: In June the Duchess of Gloucester celebrates her birthday and I would like to send her a letter. When is the perfect time to send it? Are you going to send a letter to Duke of Edinburgh or the Duchess of Gloucester? 

Answer: I'm going to write for both the Duke of Edinburgh & Duchess of Gloucester's birthday. I will also write for Prince William's birthday as well.

The perfect time to send a letters depends on the occasion. You don't have to write in the window I mention below, but I recommend it. If you write too early or too late, it will effect response time and the type of response.

Writing ahead of the event:
If this is the type of event where you write ahead (Birthdays, Christmas, etc.) You want to send your letter early enough that it hopefully arrives on or before the events.

This means any time during the month, or if the event is at the beginning of the month, 2 weeks ahead of time. For things like Christmas, where it is more of a season than an actual day, you want it to send it early in the season.

At the latest, try to get it out by the actual day of the event.

Writing after the event:
If this is the type of event where you write after (Births, Deaths, Weddings, etc.) they understand it is going to take you time to write and process the event. They are also going to be busy and might not have a chance to look at and reply to the letters for a while.

So don't feel like you have to write as soon as the announcement is made. Feel free to wait a few days till after the baby's name is announced or the funeral, etc. But I would try to get your letter mailed out within 2-3 weeks.

What if my timing is way of?
If want to write to someone and it's way past whatever event, or way before. Don't fret, you don't need a specific occasion to write. Write a more general letter and put in a small mention about the event.

Question 2: Will you watch Trooping the Colour online? 

Answer: Yes, if I can. BBC has a live stream of Trooping the Colours every year, but I believe that it is only available in the UK. Hopefully this year since it is her 90th Birthday we will see some international live streams. But either way, there is always a lot of live coverage on social media.

Question 3: Which royals are your favorite? P.s. I hope Prince Harry is one of them ;)  

Answer: They are all my Favorite! and of course Prince Harry is one of them!!!

But if you want me to get more specific:

Favorite Royal Couples:
  1. Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
  2. Prince William & Duchess Catherine
  3. Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip
  4. Prince Albert & Princess Charlene of Monaco
Favorite Royal Families:
  1. British
  2. Swedish
  3. Monaco
  4. Denmark
Favorite Royal Transformation:
  1. Crown Prince Jacque & Princess Gabriella of Monaco
  2. Princess Sofia
  3. Countess of Wessex
Favorite Royal Love Story:
  1. King Harald & Queen Sonja of Norway
  2. Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip
  3. Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
Favorite Royal Causes:
  1. Literacy/Education
  2. Children's Issues
  3. Women's Rights
  4. Hospitals/Hospices
  5. UN 2030 Agenda
  7. Other UN
  8. Prisions/Rehabilitation
  9. Armed Forces
  10. Arts
Favorite Royal Events:
  1. Christmas/New Years
  2. Royal Weddings
  3. Royal Christenings
  4. State Opening of Parliament
  5. Nobel Prize Banquet
Favorite Royal Olympic Team:
  1. Monaco
  2. Great Britain
  3. Liechtenstein
Favorite Replies:
  1. Monaco
  2. Duchess Camilla
  3. Queen Elizabeth
  4. Cambridges
  5. Belgium
Question 4: What Military Ties does Prince Harry have that he wears?

Answer: Besides the standard black tie and khaki tie which are worn by all the different regiments. We have only seen Prince Harry wearing 1 Regimental tie, The Household Division tie. When Prince Harry was in the military, he was apart of the Household Calvary, which is one of the parts that makes up the Household Division. But I do expect we will see Harry wear different regimental ties in the future.

We have a list of regimental ties, and the Royals who wear them, here.

Question 5: Could you do a post on past royal letters/postcards sent from the British royal family. I've always wondered what was sent for previous special events and milestones?

Answer: The first letter I wrote to the Royals was Prince George's 1st Birthday, so I haven't been writing too long. You can find most of my replies here.

They include milestones like Princess Charlotte's Birth, Charlotte's Christenings, Cambridge's 5th Wedding anniversary, Harry leaving the military, Charles and Camilla's 10th Wedding anniversary, etc.

And then for the Foreign Royals I have more milestones like weddings, births, anniversaries, deaths, etc.

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