Monday, 2 January 2017

Prince Albert of Monaco's New Year's Eve Speech - English Translation (2016)

Dear compatriots, residents and friends!

As the year ends with many countries experiencing terrorist acts, conflicts and humanitarian crises, our traditional holidays greetings seem all the more necessary.

 It is thus from the bottom of our hearts, with Princess Charlène and our children Jacques and Gabriella, we present to you this evening our most fervent wishes for a serene, happy and peaceful 2017.

Indeed, we believe that when, in their diversity, people are mobilizing to draw together, along with their leader, the prospects for justice and peace, the return of harmony and security is not a utopia.

We also know that in the chaos of suffering there arise men, women, young people who, in reverse and against everything, pose acts of generosity in the service of their fellows so tried. May these festive times enlighten us on these manifestations of solidarity often discreet but so comforting.

Because it can not be insensitive, our country has long been committed to being close to these situations of human distress. The principality has the chance to be a prosperous country thanks to the efforts of all. Let everyone here be thanked for his work, for the confidence he places in Monaco and for his contribution to living together.

The current situation calls for vigilance by all. We know that we can count on the services in charge of security to ensure effective monitoring and action.

For my part, I will continue to work internationally to ensure that commitments made in the environmental, humanitarian, health and education fields are maintained and consolidated. Awareness of global warming and its causes is irreversible. It is our responsibility to take the strong actions required by thinking of future generations.

I am determined, along with my Government, to continue to fight against other scourges, including corruption. I would also like to recall that our discussions with the European Union must continue under my impetus, step by step, in objectivity and lucidity, without bias. The necessary weightings will be made when the time comes to present our specificities without ever departing from the balance that has always made our strength.

I call on our community to remain united and united around our institutions. They have proved that they are the guarantor of our stability and of the same progress.

On the verge of this news, I wish you, your family and all the people who are close to you, the realization of your most cherished projects and a full development. To each and every one of you, Happy New Year 2017!

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