Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Send your Congratulations to Harry & Meghan for their Wedding!

The Royals absolutely love to get letters and cards from the public, and special occasions like a Royal Wedding is no different!

Writing for the 1st time?

If you are writing to the Royals for the 1st time (or want a refresher on the basics) check out our page on "Writing to the Royals." This post will only cover the specifics for Harry & Meghan's Wedding. 

& Just a remember international mail requires more postage than usual! 

When to write?

I would write after the wedding, as you may want to comment on the events, and your feelings about everything. And don't worry if you don't get your letter out right away. A week or two after the event is a very acceptable time frame to send your congratulations. (& honestly, given how much mail they are going to receive, a slightly latter reply is fine.)

How to Address the couple?

After their wedding, Prince Harry & Meghan Meghan will officially be known as "TRH the Duke & Duchess of ___." There are a lot of different ways you can address the couple in your letter, depending on if you want to be more formal and correct or more informal and every day. As long as you are being respectful and thoughtful, it is hard to go wrong. Here are just a few options:

  • TRH the Duke & Duchess of Sussex
  • Duke & Duchess of Sussex
  • The Sussexs 
  • Harry & Meghan
  • Prince Harry & Princess Meghan
  • Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan
  • Prince Henry & Princess Rachel 
  • TRH the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton/ Baron & Lady Kilkeel
    • Should you have a connection to the area where their lesser title is from
  • Etc. 
"Dear _," Line
  • Your Royal Highnesses
  • Sir and Madam
  • Duke & Duchess of Sussex
  • Harry & Meghan 
  • Etc.

Personally, I prefer the more formal approach and use "TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex" on the envelope & open my letter with "Dear Your Royal Highnesses,".

I would avoid both:
  • Meghan Markle
    • She got married, she's a Windsor now!
  • Prince Harry of Wales
    • Children only use their parent's territorial designation until they get married or get their own title
The Royals won't be mad if you use either of these, but neither are correct post-wedding. 

Where to send your letter/card to?

Clarence House 
London SW1A 1BA

Why Clarence House, not Kensington Palace?

What to write?
Write whatever you feel like writing about. There is no one right answer. As long as you are being respectful and thoughtful, it is hard to go wrong.

You can send them a card or letter with a short, simple acknowledgement. Or you can gush about your feelings about the wedding and how amazing this and that was. (But do keep you letter to 1 page max!) 

Can I send a Gift?

Harry & Meghan have asked that well-wishers donate to charity in lieu of sending a gift. They have even recomended 7 charities to donate to, although you can choose instead to donate to another charity of your choosing. 

You can find details about the 7 chosen charities here

And yes, it is perfectly fine to mention in your letter/card that you made a donation on their behalf to charity. They would love to hear about it. 

What to expect?

Harry & Meghan are going to get hundreds of letters and card from well-wishers congratulating them on their wedding. While they would love to send a personal thank you to everyone, that is just not possible. 

Instead, they will reply with their usual postcard sized photo with a typed message on the back, like they did with their engagement reply.

Expect a much longer response time than usual! (I would expect at least 2-4 month, but it could even take as long as 6 months. And as always, they reply to letters as they get to them. So, just because someone got a reply, doesn't mean you will get yours in the next few days or weeks. It takes months to get through all the mail for a major event like this.)

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  1. Do you think I could still send my congratulations and receive something back?

    1. I would think you probably would. You are two months late, but I know they are still sending out replies for their Wedding.