Friday, 1 June 2018

June Q&A (2018)

As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

Question 1: Which royal would you most like to see get pregnant next?

Answer: Hereditary Grand Duchess St├ęphanie of Luxembourg!

Question 2: Have you ever written to the Royals for the Summer to wish them a nice Holiday? And have you got an answer back?

Answer: I have never specifically written to wish them a nice summer holiday, but if someone has a birthday over the summer, I include something in my letter about how I hope they have a nice summer.  And I've never specifically gotten anything back about their summer holidays.

Question 3: Could you give me an example about what to write in a christening letter? 

Answer: I would just say congratulations on the christening. And then say something on your thoughts on the service if you saw it.

Question 4: What address to send a card congratulating Zara on the birth of her baby.

Answer: You should send your letter care of Princess Anne's office at Buckingham Palace and they will forward it on to the Tindalls.

Mr. & Mrs. Tindall (or Zara & Mike Tindall, Zara Tindall, Zara & Mike, The Tindalls, etc.)
Princess Anne's Office
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A  1AA


  1. Hey :)
    Do you write to all Royal events or do you write only to your favorite? As a example write you to all Birthday of the family from Princess Madeleine, to the trooping the colour for the Queen or to different Events in other Royal Familys.
    If you doesn't write to a event, a Birth or something else are you sad when you see the replies from the Royals

    1. We answered this when you first posted it in last months Q&A