Friday, 1 June 2018

June Q&A (2018)

As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

Question 1: Which royal would you most like to see get pregnant next?

Answer: Hereditary Grand Duchess St├ęphanie of Luxembourg!

Question 2: Have you ever written to the Royals for the Summer to wish them a nice Holiday? And have you got an answer back?

Answer: I have never specifically written to wish them a nice summer holiday, but if someone has a birthday over the summer, I include something in my letter about how I hope they have a nice summer.  And I've never specifically gotten anything back about their summer holidays.

Question 3: Could you give me an example about what to write in a christening letter? 

Answer: I would just say congratulations on the christening. And then say something on your thoughts on the service if you saw it.

Question 4: What address to send a card congratulating Zara on the birth of her baby.

Answer: You should send your letter care of Princess Anne's office at Buckingham Palace and they will forward it on to the Tindalls.

Mr. & Mrs. Tindall (or Zara & Mike Tindall, Zara Tindall, Zara & Mike, The Tindalls, etc.)
Princess Anne's Office
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A  1AA