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Order of Garter Service

The Order of Garter is the UK's highest honors and is personally given by the Queen. The order is limited to 24 members, plus the Monarch, members of the British Royal Family and Foreign Monarchs.

The Order of Garter service is held each year on either the 1st or 2nd Monday for Trooping the Colours. The service is attended by all the British members of the order (if they are able) and their spouses. We only see extended family when a person is being invested.

Foreign Monarchs usually only attend when they are invested and on extra special years, like the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

  • Invest new members in the Throne room at Windsor Castle
  • Lunch at Windsor Castle
  • Walk to St. George's Chapel (3 PM)
    • Queen arrives by Car
  • Service at St. George's Chapel 
  • Carriage & Car Procession back to Windsor Castle 
Current Knights and Ladies of the Garter

British Royals
The Order of Garter tends to only be given to royals born into the Royal Family, and the spouse of the Monarch.

British Royals are usually appointed on St. George's Day (usually April 23rd), but are not officially invested until the Order of Garter Service.

Royal Year appointed Year Invested Age at Investment Number
Queen Elizabeth
(Then Princess)
1947 1948 (600th Anniv of Garter) 22 L 5
Philip Philip 1947 (Day before wedding) 27 902
Prince Charles 1958 (Year he was made Prince of Wales) 1968 19920
Duke of Kent 1986 (50th birthday) 1987? 50 966
Princess Anne 1994 1994? 43 L 9
Duke of Gloucester 1996 1997 53 884
Princess Alexandra 2003 2003 66 L 10
Prince Andrew 2006 2006 46 997
Prince Edward 42 998
Prince William  2008 (100th Knight) 2008 25 1000

Foreign Royals

Only Foreign Monarchs are made Stranger Knights and Ladies Companion of the Order of Garter.  (Mostly it is just given to European Monarchs.)

Monarchs are usually appointed to the order during a State Visit, but not officially invested until they attend an Order of Garter Service.

Royal Country Year Appointed Year Invested Number
Queen Margrethe Denmark 1979 1980 L 7
King Carl Gustaf Sweden 1983 1985 963
King Juan Carlos Spain 1988 1989 970
Princess Beatrix
(Then Queen)
Netherlands 1989 1990 L 8
Emperor Emeritus Akihito
(Then Emperor)
Japan 1998 ? 985
King Harald Norway 2001 2002 990
King Felipe Spain 2017 2019 1009
King Willem-Alexander Netherlands 2018 2019 1012

24 Members

The 24 members of the Order are all British Citizens, who receive the honor in recognition of their public service. They are usually appointed to the order on St. George's Day (usually April 23rd), but are not officially invested until the Order of Garter Service.

SpotNameYear InvestedNumber
1Field Marshal Lord Bramall1990973
2Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover 1992976
3Lord Ashburton1994979
4Sir Timothy Colman 1996983
5The Duke of Abercorn1999986
6Field Marshal Lord Inge2001988
7Sir Antony Acland 2001989
8Lord Butler of Brockwell 2003992
9Lord Morris of Aberavon2003993
10Sir John Major2005996
11Lord Luce2008999
12Sir Thomas Dunne 20081001
13Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers 20111002
14Lord Boyce 20111003
15Lord Stirrup 20131004
16Baroness Manningham-Buller 20131005
17Baron King of Lothbury20141006
18Lord Shuttleworth 20161007
19Sir David Brewer20161008
20Viscount Brookeborough
(Queen's 100th Investment)
21Lady Mary Fagan20181011
22Marquess of Salisbury 20191013
23Lady Mary Peters20191014

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