Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Consecutive Days on Multiple UK Front Pages

There have been a number of royal stories in recent years that have appeared on the front pages of multiple UK Newspapers for consecutive days. This list only includes the more notable streaks, that I happened to track at the time. 

While there may be an initial story that kicks off the media frenzy, we continue counting until that person/couple is no longer mentioned on multiple UK front pages for a day. We count a front page if the person is either mentioned by name, nickname, or appears in a photo. 

For each event in the table below, the streak was broken by another story that dominated the headlines and appears on multiple UK Front Pages, usually for multiples days. 

# DaysEventYear First Day  Last DayHeadline that
broke streak
14Sussex Announcement Stepping
2020January 7th January 22nd1st Coronavirus Testing
in UK
13*Prince Andrew's Interview
& Stepping Down
2019November 15th November 27thUK Election
11Sussex Oprah Interview 2021March 2nd March 12thSarah Everard's
Murderer Charged
10Prince Philip's Death/Funeral2021 April 10thApril 19thFootball Super Leauge
5Pippa Middleton's Wedding/
Harry bringing girlfriend Meghan
2017May 18th May 22ndManchester Bombing
3Prince Andrew Lawsuit2021Aug 11th Aug 13thPlymouth Terror Attack

Last Day = The last day the story appeared on multiple front pages. However, that is not usually the end of the media coverage. 

*It was almost a 15-day streak. Prince Andrew's 2019 streak ended when he only appeared on 1 front page on November 28th as papers were dominated by UK Election news. However, he then appeared on 2 front pages the next day (29th). Before the headlines were dominated on the 30th by the London Bridge Terror Attack.

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