Thursday, 27 April 2023

Representatives of the Realms - King Charles's Coronation (2023)

Each of King Charles's 15 realms will be representative at his coronation. This list just includes those in the Procession into Westminster Abbey.

The Order of People in the Procession is no confirmed. The Palace has confirmed at least  UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will enter in with their spouse. (* with Spouse).
Representative from Realms
Kiz JohnsonFlag HolderAntigua
and Barbuda
(Listed in Press Release as Banner Bearer)
Gaston BrownePrime Minister-
Rodney WilliamsGovernor-General-
Sam Kerr
Flag HolderAustraliaFootball Star
Anthony AlbanesePrime Minister-
David HurleyGovernor-General
-Flag HolderBahamas-
Philip DavisPrime Minister-
Cornelius A. SmithGovernor-General-
Cameron Gegg Flag HolderBelize"Young finance professional"
Johnny BriceñoPrime Minister-
Froyla TzalamGovernor-General-
Jeremy Hansen Flag HolderCanadaAstronaut
Justin TrudeauPrime Minister-
Mary SimonGovernor-General-
?Flag HolderGrenada-
Dickon MitchellPrime Minister-
Cécile La GrenadeGovernor-General-
David SalmonFlag HolderJamaica 2023 Rhodes Scholar
Andrew HolnessPrime Minister-
Patrick AllenGovernor-General-
Sargent Hayden SmithFlag HolderNew ZealandSelected by New Zealand Defense Force
Chris HipkinsPrime Minister-
Cindy KiroGovernor-General-
?Flag HolderPapua New Guinea-
James MarapePrime Minister-
Bob DadaeGovernor-General-
?Flag HolderSaint Kitts
and Nevis
Terrance DrewPrime Minister-
Marcella LiburdGovernor-General-
?Flag HolderSaint Lucia-
Philip J. PierrePrime Minister-
Errol CharlesGovernor-GeneralActing Governor-General
?Flag HolderSaint Vincent
and the Grenadines
Ralph GonsalvesPrime Minister-
Susan DouganGovernor-General-
?Flag HolderSolomon Islands-
Manasseh SogavarePrime Minister-
David VunagiGovernor-General-
?Flag HolderTuvalu-
Kausea NatanoPrime Minister-
Tofiga Vaevalu FalaniGovernor-General-
Cadet Warrant Officer
Elliott Tyson-Lee
Flag HolderUKRoyal Air Force Air Cadet
Rishi Sunak*Prime Minister-

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  1. You have transposed the Australian G-G & PM.

  2. For Australia you have the governor general and prime minister swapped away david is the governor general and Anthony is the prime minister

  3. For Australia, you have two listed wrong, Anthony is prime minister and David is the Governer general.