Tuesday, 18 April 2023

UK Coronation Service (2023) - Time Zone Converter

King Charles's Coronation takes place on Saturday May 6th, however due to the time zone conversion some of you may be watching events either on Friday Night, or Sunday Morning

PurpleFriday May 5th
YellowSaturday May 6th
GoldLondon Time
BlueSunday May 7th

Note: A location’s UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) can change throughout the year if it observes Daylight Savings Time. Many countries in the Northern Hemisphere are on Daylight Savings right now. There are a small number of countries that will switch over to Daylight Savings Time between now and the Coronation. 

You can find your UTC here. Or a list of all Countries by UTC here

UTC (Coordinated
Universal Time)
Guests Start
to Arrive
BBC Live
Stream Begins*
Fly Past
UTC -12:00--9:20 PM10 PM 1:30 AM
UTC -11:00--10:20 PM11 PM2:30 AM
UTC -10:00--11:20 PM12 AM3:30 AM
UTC -09:00--12:20 AM1 AM 4:30 AM
UTC -08:00--1:20 AM2 AM 5:30 AM
UTC -07:00--2:20 AM3 AM 6:30 AM
UTC -06:00--3:20 AM4 AM 7:30 AM
UTC -05:00--4:20 AM5 AM 8:30 AM
UTC -04:00-
5:20 AM6 AM9:30 AM
UTC -03:00--6:20 AM7 AM10:30 AM
UTC -02:00--7:20 AM8AM11:30 AM
UTC -01:00--8:20 AM9 AM 12:30 PM
UTC +00:00--9:20 AM10 AM 1:30 PM
UTC +01:00
(London, UK)
--10:20 AM11 AM2:30 PM
UTC +02:00--11:20 AM12 PM3:30 PM
UTC +03:00--12:20 PM1 PM4:30 PM
UTC +04:00--1:20 PM2 PM5:30 PM
UTC +05:00--2:20 PM3 PM6:30 PM
UTC +06:00--3:20 PM4 PM7:30 PM
UTC +07:00--4:20 PM5 PM8:30 PM
UTC +08:00--5:20 PM6 PM9:30 PM
UTC +09:00--6:20 PM7 PM10:30 PM
UTC +10:00--7:20 PM8 PM11:30 PM
UTC +11:00--8:20 PM9 PM12:30 AM
UTC +12:00--9:20 PM10 PM 1:30 AM
UTC +13:00--10:20 PM11 PM2:30 AM

*The Live Stream refers to the Royal Family's Live Stream on Youtube. Other Live Streams may start earlier.

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