Friday, 1 January 2016

January Q&A (2016)

As Always, Post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

Question 1: Will the Cambridges release an official photo for Kate's birthday this month?

Answer: No, they don't usually. For the most part, we only see photos released on birthdays when it a child's birthday, because we don't regularly see them, or when it is a special milestone birthday. So, I wouldn't expect to see one for Catherine. 

However, we may will see an official photo for William and Catherine's 5th Wedding Anniversary in April, since that is an important milestone. 

We may also see an official photo released before their India tour, some times we do (Canada, Australia), sometimes we don't get an official picture before a royal tour. Given that their tour is in April we might see a picture released as a combination Tour/Anniversary picture. 

Question 2: If you got 61 official engagements and The Times got 62 for Kate, what did you leave off?

Answer: Nothing. My count of 61 engagements includes everything the Times has on their count. The difference is how we count engagements. When there are multiple things in a day people will count them differently. There are a number of things I counted as one engagement, where The Times probably counted as 2 or 3. The CC is always up to interpretation. 

In addition to that, the CC is inconstant, had errors and often has to make corrections or additions/deletions to itself. Which is why I don't base official engagements on the CC, rather using an Objective test, which I tried to explain in How I Keep Count of Official Engagements.  

Our list includes things Not on the CC, and as a result not on The Times count. There are times where the Royals do things we feel should be included as Official Engagements. 

For Example: this year, William, Catherine and Harry each signed the Book of Condolences at the French Embassy after the Paris attacks. (Harry in January, William and Catherine in November). Signing a Book of Condolences has been included on the CC in the past, and they were there in an official capacity, etc.  So it meets our standards for what is an "Official Engagement". 

Looking at things objectively, not just replying on the CC, helps to resolve the CC's problems and inconstancies, where they will report an engagement, one year or for one royal, but not for others. 

Question 3: Do you think that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson will remarry? Is it likely?

Answer: No. That's just a rumor that has been going around for years. They are close friends, but I don't think they will ever remarry.  

Question 4a: Why didn't any of the British Royals attend the Silver Jubilee in Norway this weekend?

Answer: I wouldn't read to much into the British Royals not attending. Of all the European monarchies only two other monarchies attended (Sweden and Denmark ,the two other Scandinavian monarchies). It's likely Sweden and Denmark were the only two royal families invited to the events. Silver Jubilees are a lot smaller affairs than a Golden Jubilee (50th year on the throne) or Diamond Jubilee (60th).

Question 4b: Do you think it was rude Prince Henrik didn't attend?

Answer: No. Prince Henrik is retired, now and slowing down. It was a long, busy day of events and his presence wasn't necessary.

Denmark was already represented by Queen Margrethe. One person is perfectly capable to represent a couple or a country, it isn't necessary that a couple attend events together. 

Question 5: Has Lady Frederick Windsor had her Baby yet?

Answer: Yes, a baby girl! Check out more on Royal Baby 2016 page.

Question 6: What is Prince Harry's Primary Occupation?

Answer: Prince Harry retired from his full-time job with the Military in June, after a decade of service. He had been working in the Personal Recover unit of the Ministry of Defense (i.e. he worked with wounded service men). Since leaving the military Harry has continued to volunteer with the Personal Recover unit 2 days a week. This is all in addition to his part-time royal duties.

Kensington Palace announced when Harry was retiring that, he plans on getting new jobs and not become a full-time working royal right away. It is unclear what job Harry might get.    
Retiring from the armed forces at this age is perfectly normal. Most people don't make a life career out of it. 

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