Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New Q&A Page

We are changing how we handle questions on Gert's Royals. There are 3 things you need to know:

We have decided to move all of the monthly Q&A pages to a new Tab, called"Questions?".
This will have "This Month's Q&A", "Past Month's Q&A", our "FAQs", and a new "Writing Royals FAQS."

This Month's Q&A will no longer be listed on the "Calendar" Tab.


I feel like answering questions in the comment section doesn't always work well. It's not the best place to explain something in detail. I also can't go back and add anything, or edit it.

Also some of you have been asking questions on a random blog post, that has nothing to do with your question. I always worry that you are not going to remember the exact post you asked your question on. Or you will have trouble finding that post again, etc.

From now on if you ask a question on a random post, that has nothing to do with your question.  I will take your question and put it in this month's Q&A.

I will only answer Questions in the comment section, if the Question is about the post, or something related to it.

We have gotten a lot more questions on our Q&A Page lately. Which is great. I love that you are all figuring out where our Q&A Page is, and using it. (The Q&A page is the best place to ask your questions.)

I know I am a little behind on answer your questions. I have been busy, but I will get to them. I get asked a lot of questions all over, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Direct Messages, Emails, etc. And I do try to get to all of them as soon as possible.

Since I have limited time and a lot of question, I am going to try to answer the more time-sensitive questions first & less important questions that can wait, second,  So I will try to answer question in this order:

  1. Questions about something that just happened or something that's happening really soon. 
    • E.g. Which Royals are attending the Rio Olympics?
  2. Questions about something happening in a while. 
    • E.g.  Do William and Catherine will make a stop in the USA on their Tour of Canada, like they did last time?
  3. General Questions about royal things, places, people, events, etc.
    • E.g. How many children do you think Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco will have?
  4. Other Random Questions?

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