Thursday, 25 August 2016

Princess Anne Birthday Reply (2016)

A piece of Royal Mailed arrived today!!

I had written to Princess Anne earlier this month to wish her a happy 66th Birthday. I didn't mail my letter until shortly before her birthday, so this was replied to almost immediately when it arrived.  Princess Anne's office has one of the quickest response time I've seen, although they don't always reply. This was the 4th time I have written to Princess Anne over the years, but only the 2nd time I've gotten a reply.

It's a very lovely letter written by Assistant Private Secretary, Anne Sullivan. The letter is brief, but mentions why I wrote and thanks me for for writing. I find it interesting that the letter mentions where I am from.

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  1. Here's my letter from HRH

    1. That's very lovely, and I love the photo of Princess Anne that was included.

    2. Yes I appreciate when any royal sends a photo so I hint in my letters to send one. The photo was the same one she sent at Christmas.

    3. Yeah, I was flipping though your site and saw that. A lot of lovely replies.

    4. Thank You but it is no where near your wonderful collection!

    5. What a lovely reply you both got from Princess Anne :-) I also hope i will get a reply as i sent a letter and a card for her birthday too :-)