Friday, 6 January 2017

Monaco Twins Birthday Reply (2016)

I had a good laugh when I saw this piece of Royal Mail today.

Since Christmas and Monaco Twin's Birthday are so close together, I usually just send one letter. The Monaco Royals have always sent back two separate replies for Christmas and the Twin's Birthday, which is what they did this year. 

However, what is interesting is that they sent the birthday reply to my old address (I moved back in February). Luckily, the post office is still forwarding my mail to my new address! 

You can see their Christmas reply here, which was sent to my new address. And postmarked the day before this one.

I've always known that Royal's office will occasionally stores people's address on their computers. Which makes sense if they have to type out the address for the envelope. They don't store everybody's, but will if the letter is particularly touching and they want to make note of it, or if they think the person will write again. 

I find it very exciting to know that someone at the Royals's office knows who I am, even if it's just a computer. 

But it's also very interesting because the last 3 replies from Monaco (Albert's Birthday, 5th 
Wedding Anniversary, and Christmas) were all correctly sent to my new address. So why now is something being sent to my old address? 

This same thing happened with Duchess Camilla's birthday reply earlier this year. 

The Reply is almost exactly the same as last year's birthday reply for the Twins. 

One side of the reply is English. The other is French. 

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  1. How large are the cards? Are they 4x6 like the picture cards from the British Royal Family?

    1. This card is exactly the same size as the pictures cards from the Cambridges and Harry.