Saturday, 8 April 2017

King Carl Gustaf's Speech on Stockholm Attack - English Translation

Dear Swedes and all those in Sweden,

Yesterday, while I was in Brazil, news of the terrible event in Stockholm reached me, so naturally I immediately returned home to Sweden.

I have just finished meeting with the National Police Commissioner and the head of the Swedish Secret Service. They have informed me and the royal family of the police work after yesterday's attack.

First and foremost, I want to express that the thoughts of the Royal family and I go out to the victims of this heinous act. To those who have been injured and killed.

We also think of their families and friends. We share in their grief and anxiety.

We are all shaken by what happened. But we have hope in seeing the care that people show each other. It demonstrates the power of our society.

There are more of us who want to help, than those who wish us harm. That knowledge gives me comfort and confidence.

The police, medical and rescue services have done an amazing job of minimizing the damage. Now it is important for them to continue working in peace and quiet.

We have experienced several violent incidents in the past. We have gotten through them, and will do so now.

Sweden is, has long been, and will continue to be a safe and peaceful country.

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