Monday, 4 September 2017

Royal Baby 3 Q&A

This Special Q&A is to answer all your Royal Baby questions. The Q&A will close after the baby's christening. We will be updating the questions as more information is released.

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Question 1: When is Kate Due?

Answer: The Palace has announced Kate is due in April. We will likely be told early/mid/late April closer to the due date. 

Question 2: I read that Kate is going to have a home birth. Is that true?

Answer: The Palace hasn't released any information about the birthing plans, so this is just wild speculation. We saw a whole bunch of fake stories about Kate's birth plans with her previous pregnancies as well. 

First off, I think it is too early for Kate & the Palace to have any definite birth plans yet. 

Second, I don't think Kate will give birth at home. You wouldn't want the media and public camped outside Kensington Palace during the wait. The Cambridge wouldn't be able to relax. Plus you would have all this medical staff at the Palace prepping, and a bunch of equipment as they would want to be prepared for any complication. I think it is good you have Lindo Wing, which has a great, state of the art facility, that is very luxurious. There is also this public place on the street at Lindo Wing where people can wait and when it's time the Cambridges can show off their family.  And then you can keep the home private.  

Third, you can have a non-medical, at home-feel birth with a midwife at the hospital. And at a hospital you have staff there ready should there be any complications. So should Kate want a more relaxed at-home feel, no reason it needs to be at home. Plus we do know that Kate has had midwives assist on her two previous pregnancies. 

Question 3: Is Kate pregnant with Identical Twins?

Answer: No! #FakeNews

Question 4: When will Kate begin Maternity leave?

Answer: With Princess Charlotte who was due in late April, Kate had her last offical dutites at the end of March. So, I would expect something similar with this pregnancy. But since this little one is due earlier in April, Kate will probably end just after St. Patricks Day (which hopefully she will attend). 

Question 5: Could the baby be christened at Balmoral while the Queen's on her summer holiday?

Answer: NO! There is no way the baby would be christened in Scotland. The Queen is head of the Church of England and has no official role in the Church of Scotland. So all of the Royal babies will be christened in England in the Church of England. 

The Church of England and the government are very intertwined. The Queen, Prime Minister and Parliament all play an official part in the Church. 

But anyways I expect the christening to take place before the Queen's summer holiday begins. 

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