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September/October Q&A (2017)

As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible.

Please post your Cambridge Royal Baby 3 question on our Special Q&A.

Question 1: Which Royal do you think will announce a Royal Baby next?

Answer: It's hard to say, it could be anyone. But I'm hoping Prince Guillaume & Princess St├ęphanie of Luxembourg!

Question 2: Have you hear anything new about Kate's sickness? & do you know when she will have her next engagement?

Answer: We haven't heard anything new about Kate (as of Sept 12th). She's still at home dealing with HG. Symptoms of HG tend to last till about the 20th week. So it could still be another month or two till we see Kate doing engagements. She seems pretty unwell, if she was so sick she had to miss Prince George's 1st day of school.

Right now given the uncertainty about how Kate is going to be feeling on a given day, it is likely that the Palace won't announce Kate's engagement ahead of time. That way it's not a big deal when Kate has to cancel the day of. But of course, this means, we really don't know when we will see Kate again till it happens.

We usually see Kate at the Remembrance Sunday event at the Cenotaph on November 11th and the Festival of Remembrance performance on 10th. I could see her skipping the Festival of Remembrance. But I think it is very unlikely that Kate will miss Remembrance Sunday, unless she's feeling pretty awful.

The Palace announced a few weeks ago, before Kate's baby news, William & Kate are going on tour in November. So, assuming Kate doesn't have to back out of that. We should see quite a bit of her sometime in November.

Question 3: Where should I mail my letter to Duchess Sarah? Also, does she (her office) always reply? 

Answer: You should mail your letter to the Duke of York's office at Buckingham Palace, they will forward it to "Sarah's office." In my experience the York's almost always reply. I've written to Sarah the last 3 years for her birthday and have always gotten a reply. You can see the past replies here.

Question 4: Does Princess Catharina-Amalia use both her names? 

Answer: Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands usually goes by Catharina-Amalia. Occasionally, we see the Palace just Amalia. I don't think I've ever seen them refer to her as just Catharina.

Question 5: Have you ever written to Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands? If so, did you get a reply?

Answer: I have written to Princess Beatrix a few times, but never got a reply.

Question 6: Do you send one or two letters to Monaco in December? One for both Christmas and the twins' birthday or one for each?

Answer: For the Twins birth, 1st birthday and 2nd birthday I wrote one letter mentioning both the twins' birthday and Christmas and received two replies.

Question 7: Do you think the Cambridges will use the same photo for their Christmas card this year as they did last year and for the third baby announcement? The kids are so much bigger now! 

Answer: I really hope not! They are in the habit of repeating photos, but two christmases with the same photo with growing kids just seems very wrong. I agree the kids have grown so much since then, and we need a recent photo.

There hasn't been a lot of photos of the 4 Cambridges this year to choose from. Here are their Christmas Reply options:
  • GQ Interview 
  • Germany & Poland Tour 
  • Trooping the Colors
  • New photo 
  • Just Will & Kate at some engagement
I'm sure we are all hoping for a Christmas photo. But even if it's a really lovely Christmas photo, no guarantee they will use it for their reply. If you look back at their Christmas replies and children's birthdays, less than half have used the photo they released for that occasion. 

Normally, I would say the tour is the most likely bet, but George was so grumpy most of the time. 

Question 8: Am I too early if I mail my anniversary letter to the Queen the same time as I mail Prince Charles's birthday card (around the 2nd of November)?

Answer: My general rule is about 2 weeks before, or anytime that month. So early November is perfect!  

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