Tuesday 26 September 2023

Typical Schedule for UK State Visit hosted at Buckingham Palace

The following is a typical schedule for a 3-day State Visit hosted at Buckingham Palace. The Schedule for each State Visit will vary depending on the length of visit, logistics, and other considerations. And a number of events on Day 1 & Day 2 are interchangeable. 

Day 0

  • President & First Lady arrive in the UK. They are met at Airport by Lord-in-Waiting.
  • The couple stay at London Hotel.

Day 1 - Nov 22nd
  • Greeted at London hotel by member of the Royal, who will travel with them to Horse Guard Parade
  • Official Welcome at Horse Guard Parade 
    • Inspect Troops
    • Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace
    • Attending:
      • King Charles & Queen Camilla
      • Plus Royals from Official Welcome
  • Lunch with King Charles & Royal Family at Buckingham Palace 
    • Exchange Official Gifts
    • View Royal Collection Display
    • Attending:
      • Handful of Royals
  • Visit Parliament
    • Give Speech
  • Meeting with Government Officials
  • State Banquet at Buckingham Palace 
  • Spend the night at Buckingham Palace 

Day 2
  • Attend events in London
    • With Royal
  • Meeting with Prime Minister at Downing Street 
  • Visit Westminster Abbey
    • Lay a wreath at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior 
  • Banquet hosted by Lord Mayor of London
    • With Royal Couple
  • Spend the night at Buckingham Palace

Day 3
  • Say Goodbye to the King & Queen at Buckingham Palace
  • Visit city in UK for a day of engagements
  • Official End of Tour
  • President departs. He is seen off at the airport by Lord Chamberlain or Lord in Waiting.

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