Sunday 24 September 2023

Earthshot Prize Awards - 2023 Finalists & Winners

The Finalists were announced on September 19th. The Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on November 7th. 

The Earthshot Prize to Protect and Restore Nature

  • Winner
    • Accion Andina - Peru
      • A grassroots project working across South America to protect native forest ecosystems across the Andes.
  • Finalist
    • Freetown the Tree Town - Sierra Leone
      • An initiative from the Freetown City Council for tree preservation in the Sierra Leone capital.
    • Belterra - Brazil
      • A start-up that partners with small and medium-sized farmers to transform forests and degraded land through regenerative agricultural practices.
The Earthshot Prize to Clean Our Air
  • Winner
    • GRST - Hong Kong
      • A start-up that has developed a new process for making and recycling lithium-ion batteries, paving the way “to make the electric cars of the future even cleaner.”
  • Finalist
    • Polish Smog Alert - Poland
      • A campaigning group working to encourage policy change and improve the air quality across Poland.
    • Enso - United Kingdom
      • A company that has designed a more sustainable tire for electric vehicles in the hopes of reducing tire pollution and reducing air pollution.
The Earthshot Prize to Revive Our Oceans
  • Winner
    • WildAid Marine Program - Global with US-based headquarters
      • A non-profit combining “partnership building and knowledge sharing” to support the planet’s ocean conservation needs.
  • Finalist
    • Abalobi - South Africa
      • A social enterprise organization taking a data-driven approach to supporting small fishing communities by helping them become more resilient and sustainable.
    • Coastal 500 - Global with US-based headquarters
      • An international network of mayors and other local leaders committed to restoring ocean habitats and pushing for coastal protections around the world.
The Earthshot Prize to Build A Waste -Free World
  • Winner
    • S4S Technologies - India
      • An agritech start-up using its solar-powered dehydration equipment to cut food waste and help farmers process excess crops into products with a longer shelf life.
  • Finalist
    • Circ Inc. - US
      • A company that has developed a way of recycling polycotton back to its raw materials so that it can be reused and reduce textile waste.
    • Colorifix - UK
      • This company seeks to reduce the fashion industry’s use of water and chemicals by finding colors created by an organism in nature and using online DNA sequencing to create sustainable pigments and dyes.
The Earthshot Prize to Fix Our Climate
  • Winner
    • Boomitra - Global with US-based headquarters
      • The company is “removing emissions and boosting farmer profits by incentivizing land restoration” through the creation of its soil carbon marketplace.
  • Finalist
    • Sea Forest - Australia
      • A Tasmanian biotech company that has created a seaweed-based livestock feed that reduces the production of planet-warming methane pollution from cattle and sheep while supporting “sustainable farming and healthy marine ecosystems.”
    • Aquacycl - US
      • The team at Aquacycl use microbial technology to make treating industrial wastewater more cost-effective and accessible, more efficient and less polluting.

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