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September Q&A (2016)

As always, post your Royal Questions & I will get to them as soon as possible. 

We've added some new things over the last month, so check out the different tabs. Especially the "Writing to the Royals" & "Questions?" tab.

For as throwback, check out our September Q&A from last year.

Question 1: I have an idea. Maybe, could you write a post about your letters which you did not get responses? It would be interesting. What do you think?

Answer: Sorry, I saw you commented about this yesterday on a different page. I've just been a bit busy, but also thinking about how I would do this. Because it's not like I got replies I can talk about.

I have talked about which royals don't/ don't always respond on the Page "Average Response Time for Each Royal Family." Which I should probably do a bit of updating on. I'm not sure what more I would do than that.

But I am in the process of updating the whole "Writing to the Royals" tab, and adding new content, so I will defiantly keep this in mind.

Question 2: Would you like to work for a royal family? And if Yes, then for which

Answer: Who wouldn't want to work for the Royals? I would definitely go with British royal family. If I had to pick a royal it would either be Camilla or Charles. I feel like they have much more interesting engagements, royal tours, and do cooler things. It's also just the way they do things that is great.

Like, did you know that Prince Charles pays (at his own expense) for an artist to accompany him on all of his Royal tours. The artist is there to record the tour and scenery, going beyond the normal tour photography. It also helps to help promote the arts. If you look closely on Charles and Camilla's tours you might notice someone sketching or doing a watercolors.

Question 3: For Canada Tour, do you expect such a busy schedule like India/Bhutan, including evening events? Do you expect engagements before the Tour?

Answer: It is an 8-day tour, with no rest day. So they will be doing something everyday of the tour. Most people are predicting that the Cambridges will bring George and Charlotte. If George and Charlotte do come, I would expect a bit of each day would be spent with the kids.

The Cambridges will be based in Victoria, BC and then travel to the cities they are visiting every day. So I would expect late mornings, and early evening, so they can have breakfast with the kids, and tuck them in at night. There may be a few late evenings. William and Catherine will likely have a night away from the kids in the Yukon. So those two days will likely be a bit more jam packed.

I expect we will see George and Charlotte on the first and last day, as well as a special engagement with them on the Sunday. I would expect the Sunday to be a light day of engagements. 

We may see the Cambridges arrive in the country ahead of the tour and take a few days get over the jet lag, and time difference, before the tour officially begins. This is common for royal tours. We see Duchess Camilla do this a lot. And will make travelling with two children easier.

The Cambridges did this on their Australia/ New Zealand Tour, expect they arrived, had the official welcome, and then took a rest day.

As for Engagements ahead of the tour. It's very likely they will have some sort of reception with Canada's at Kensington Palace before they leave. William also has an engagement scheduled for the 14th. But since they are busy with tour prep, I don't think we will see too much of them in the next few weeks.

Canada Tour Schedule

Question 4: In May I am passing my final High school exams and then I have 5 months of vacation before I going on to university at the beginning of October. (I am from Poland.) And I promised myself that after passing my exams I will attend one royal event, that will take place in this months of my vacation. And I am asking you of which royal events (of all royal families in Europe) are taking place in this 5 months, that members of the public can attend and I will be able to see royals? I will be very grateful if you answer my question, it will give me the motivation to learn and to go to medical studies ;)

Answer: The normal way to see a royal is to figure out where they are going to be for an engagement, and be there to see them arrive and leave. Occasionally Royals will do a walkabout to shake hands and briefly talk to people. Walkabout usually happens when they have a day of engagements in a city or they are on a royal tour.  We don't know exactly what the royals schedules will be like a year from now. But there are some annual events, where you can go and be in the crowd and see the royals as they go past. Your best bet to actually meet some royals would be Liechtenstein's National Day in August.

17th Norway - National Day

6th Sweden -  National Day

17th UK - Trooping the Colour
  • Queen's official birthday celebration, Senior Royals carriage ride to Horse Guard Parade for Trooping the Colours (Tickets required for Horse Guard Parade). Royal Family makes an appearance on Balcony on Buckingham Palace for Fly Past. 
19th UK - Order of the Garter

14th Sweden - Victoriadagen
  • This is Crown Princess Victoria's Birthday. Victoria and her family always do a walkabout at Solliden Palace, before a public concert.
15th Liechtenstein - National Day
  • For Liechtenstein's national day, they open up the Palace Garden to the public for a reception. And the Royal Family is there chatting with guests. 
?? Sweden - State Opening of Parliament

20th Netherlands - Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day)

Question 5: When is Princess Claire expecting her baby?

Answer: All we have been told is sometime this Autumn. I expect the baby will come sometime in October.

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  1. I have an idea. Maybe, could you write a post about your letters which you did not get responses? It would be interesting. What do you think?

    1. See Question #1. Sorry I didn't get around to your question from yesterday, until now.

    2. OK, it`s fine. Thank you for your answer. I`m glad to know that Writing to the Royals will be update. I should apologize you, because again I wrote my question under the post. I forgot about this. It`s my habit. I promise that from now on I will be asking question in ,,Question?``. You are really helpful. On your blog I can find a lot of necessary and interesting things. You really helped me when I was writing a letter to Prince Nikolai. I sent a letter to him :). Thank you again. Kamil

    3. It was fine to ask your question there. The post was about writing to the royals and so was your question. It just getting annoying when people post random questions about why X happened on a post from a year ago that isn't even about that.