Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Prince Harry - Birthday & Princess Anne - Thank You Note (2016)

Two pieces of Royal Mail arrived today. Both from the British Royals. And by coincidence I had actually wrote the both the original letters on the same day as well.

Given the two royals have their mail handled by different offices in different buildings, and the general varying response times, it's pretty amazing both replies came on the same day.

The first response is from Clarence House. Yes, the envelope and stationary says Kensington Palace, & the Cambridges + Harry Office is at Kensington Palace. But they still have some stuff, including mail, handled by Prince Charles's office at Clarence House.

Claudia Spens works for Clarence House, as head of their Correspondence Section.

I had written to Prince Harry earlier this month for his 32nd Birthday. The reply arrived 2.5 weeks after I sent my letter, which is a quicker response time than Harry's birthday reply in 2015 & 2014.

Typically, Clarence House sends out a postcard size photo with typed message on the back for birthdays. This year I got a letter instead. I have seen many people get the typical postcard sized photo with message this year. It features the same photo as last year's reply with a similar message.

The letter thanks me sending my birthday well-wishes, and thanks me for my "thoughtful and generous words of support for all [Prince Harry] does to help the many charities and causes he so passionately cares about."

The second response I got today was from Princess Anne. I had written to Princess Anne after it was announced earlier this month that she was sick with a chest infection, had been at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland for tests, and had to cancel a week of engagements. (She latter canceled more engagements, and overseas visits.)

In my letter I wished her a speedy recovery and hoped she would be well enough to resume royal duties shortly. I had also mention her trip to Africa this week, as I thought her trip to Botswana for their 50th independence anniversary was an important celebration, she surely wouldn't want to miss.  She did end up canceling the trip, and Prince Andrew has gone in her place.

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  1. Maybe you didn't get the photo reply, cause Clarence House already knows you have the picture.

    1. Does Clarence House register our addresses or type of responses, number of letters?

    2. They likely don't do it for every letter they receive, but they do keep some sort of records of who wrote, what about, etc.

    3. I don't think Clarence House was worried about me already have the picture. If that was their concern they would have just used a new picture. My guess would be that there are a good number of people who write every year.

  2. Just got last week an answer from Kensington Palace not for the first time... :)