Saturday, 24 March 2018

Prince Andrew's Birthday Reply (2018)

The 2nd reply is also from the UK, for the letter I sent Prince Andrew for his birthday. The envelope is the typical we see from the working British Royals. (Prince Andrew's cypher is on the back.)

The letter is the usual from his office. It is interesting that it doesn't mention the main reason I wrote, which was Prince Andrew's birthday. 

The letter was written by Captain Benedict (Ben) Tracey, Prince Andrew's new Assistant Equerry. Captain Tracey started working for the Royals last year as Prince Philip's Assistant Equery. Captain Tracey was the one who sent my reply for Prince Philip's birthday last year

You might remember Captian Tracey from last year's Remembrance Sunday service, where he laid Prince Philip's wreath at the Cenotaph, while Prince Philip watched from the Balcony above with the Queen. 

It is a little sad to see Prince Philip handing down some of his staff, but now that Philip is retired I guess he no longer needed an Assistant Equerry. Captain Ben Tracey is a member of the Grenadier Guards, so it makes sense he would shift to working with Prince Andrew, as Philip passed down his position as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards to Prince Andrew in December. 

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  1. Do you think Zara waited a few months to reply to your letter becuase she was scared of another misscarriage?

    1. Obviously, Zara's Miscarriage might be have been a slight concern. It can be awkward to send out a thank you for people congratulating you on your pregnancy and then to miscarry. But I think the response time has more to do with the letter being sent to Princess Anne's office, having to be forwarded to Zara's and then as Zara doesn't answer a lot of mail, I can't imagine they get around to sending replies often.