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King Constantine II of Greece - Condolence Messages from Royals (2023)

T.M. Constantine & Anne-Marie of Greece 7 Allan Warren
King Constantine & Queen Anne-Marie of Greece
at their London Home in 1987
Photo: Allan Warren

While many will release public messages of condolence, I some will just send messages privately. 

Greek Royal Family:

  • Tatiana Blantnik (Daugther-in-law)
"It's almost impossible to post a picture when you want to say so much and there are not enough words to describe what a wonderful man you were and how blessed and honoured I feel to be part of your tight-knit loving family. 
But there's more - over the past years I have truly learned what "love of country" means and watched how you passed it on to your children, and through Nikolaos, to me. Thank you. Your legacy, your loyalty, your light and your love lives through them all. It has been an honour to be your daughter-in-law.  
Gold Olympic Medalist for Greece at the age of 20, King, husband, brother, father, grandfather, black belt karate, friend, father-in-law and so much more- may you rest in peace Your Majesty Uncle Tino - You are so missed and will be forever loved. Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη [Rest in Peace]."

Current Monarchies:


  • Palace
"It is with great sadness that HM The Queen & Royal Family have received the announcement that HM King Constantine II of Greece passed away on Tuesday evening.

The royal family's thoughts are with HM Queen Anne-Marie & the entire Greek family at this time."

Former Monarchies:


  • Crown Prince Leka 
“My sincere condolences to the Greek Royal Family for the passing of His Majesty King Constantine II. My prayers and thoughts are with His heir Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and His esteemed family.”


  • Jean, Count of Paris
"My wife and I are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of His Majesty King Constantine II of Greece. 
He was a brave man who faced years away from his country. King Constantine had put the Hellenic flag in the center of his life and hopes and it was in these lands that he lived his last moments.
My condolences to Her Majesty Queen Anne-Marie and her children and my most loving thoughts at this painful time. 
Jean, Count of Paris"


  • Prince Reza Pahlavi
"The late King Constantine was a man of great integrity who served his people and his nation. From a young age, I was witness to the warmth His late Majesty and Queen Anne-Marie showed my parents and the affection they had for our nation. Our families always felt a special bond as the children of two of the world's greatest civilizations. In the years since the tragic change in our own country, I had the occasion to visit with the late King on many occasions and I will always remember our time together fondly. I offer my sincere condolences to Her Majesty Queen Anne-Marie, His Highness Crown Prince Pavlos, Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain, and the Greek people for their loss."


  • Palace
"The Royal Family of Romania learned with much distress of the passing of His Majesty King Constantine II of the Hellenes.  
King Constantine was all his life close to the Royal Family of Romania, to Queen-Mother Helen, his father's sister, as well as to King Michael and Queen Anne. Custodian of the Crown Margareta, as well as Princesses Helena, Irina, Sophie and Marie, have known their uncle since their early childhood.  
For more than seven decades, the two families always met in Greece, and then in Switzerland, in Great Britain, as well as in various European capitals, at public or private events. 
King Constantine was Her Majesty Margareta’s godfather and also godfather at the Orthodox wedding of the Custodian of the Crown and Prince Radu, in Lausanne, in 1996. King Constantine, like all his family, was always faithfully present at all the important events, be they happy or sad, of the Royal Family of Romania. 
May God rest him in peace!"
  • Nicholas Medforth-Mills
"I regret the passing to the eternal ones of the former sovereign of Greece, King Constantine II,  first cousin of King Michael I of Romania and the grandson of Queen-Mother Elena of Romania.  
Like my grandfather, King Constantine II also faced a difficult political context and lived in exile for 40 years, visiting his country for just a few hours, at the funeral of his mother, Queen Frederica. 
Together with my family we extend our sincere condolences to the royal family of Greece. May God rest his soul!"


  • Grand Duke George
"Eternal memory to my Godfather His Majesty King Konstantinos II of the Hellenes. May Lord welcome your soul in His Kingdom."


  • Palace

"With great sadness, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine received the very sad news that their dear cousin, Godfather and friend, HM King Constantine II of Hellenes passed away yesterday, 10 January 2023, in Athens, Greece.

Relations between the Royal families of Greece and Serbia have always been marked with sincere and cordial friendship and deep family bonds. HM King Constantine II was the best man at TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine’s wedding in 1985, and His Majesty was also the Godfather of the Crown Prince’s sons, HRH Hereditary Prince Philip and HRH Prince Alexander. Also, the daughter of the late King of Greece, HRH Princess Theodora, is HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Godchild.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander and the Royal family of Serbia send their condolences and deepest sympathy to HM Queen Anne-Marie, late King’s sisters HM Queen Sophia of Spain, and HRH Princess Irene of Greece, his children HRH Crown Prince Pavlos, HRH Princess Alexia, HRH Prince Nikolaos, HRH Princess Theodora, and HRH Prince Philippos, and all the other members of the Royal family of Greece for their extremely sad loss.

During these most difficult moments, the Royal Family of Serbia shares grief and pain for the passing of His Majesty and sends prayers to the Lord to remember the late King in His mercy. HM King Constantine II will be greatly missed, but the memory of him will be kept forever, with great love and respect.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander was also in close family relations with the late HM King Constantine II. Crown Prince Alexander’s maternal grandfather HM King Alexander of Greece who married Aspasia Manos, was the brother of HM King Paul of Greece, HM King Constantine II’s father. " 


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