Friday 13 January 2023

World Economic Forum 2023 Annual Meeting - Royals Attending

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
Photo Credit: World Economic Forum/Pascal Bitz

The 2023 World Economic Forum will be held January 16th - 20th in Davos, Switzerland. This is the 1st normal schedule WEF since 2020. This year's theme is: 'Cooperation in a Fragmented World'.

The Royals will participate in many events and meeting both officially hosted by WEF & other organizations. If a Royal is listed in the official program as speaking in a session we have noted that below. Many Royals will only attend part of the Annual Meeting, if we know their dates or attendance, we have listed that. 


  • Belgium 
    • King Philippe & Queen Mathilde
  • Luxembourg
    • Prince Guillaume
      • Attendings: 16th-18th
  • Liechtenstein 
    • Hereditary Prince Alois
  • Monaco 
    • Prince Albert
      • Panel:  "Unpacking the Polar Crisis"  (17th)
  • Netherlands
    • Queen Maxima
      • Panel: "Financial Inclusion Beyond Access" (19th)
      • Attendings: 18th-19th
  • Sweden 
    • Prince Daniel 
      • Panel:  "Open Forum: Nature Heals" (18th)
      • Attendings: 17th-19th

  • Saudia Arabia 
    • Prince Faisal 
      • Panel: "Keeping the Lights on amid Geopolitical Fracture" (17th)
      • Panel: "The Middle East: Meeting Point or Battleground?"  (18th)
    • Princess Reema
      • Panel:  "Saudi Arabia's Transformation in a Changing Global Context"  (18th)
  • United Kingdom
    • Princess Beatrice 
    • Princess Eugenie

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