Thursday, 26 January 2023

King Charles III of UK's Coronation - Saturday May 6th, 2023 Events

This page just covers the Coronation Events on Saturday, May 6th. You can find the full schedule of the Coronation Weekend event, here


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  • "The King's Procession" from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey (10:20 AM)
  • Coronation Service  (11 AM)
  • "The Coronation Procession" from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace (1 PM)
    • Larger than King's Procession
  • Royal Family's Balcony Appearance at Buckingham Palace (2:30 PM)
Live Streams: 
The time in Brackets is the time in London. I'm hoping these live streams will be available to watch everywhere. The Royal Family one certainly will be. 
The Coronation will also be stream on local TV Stations around the world, so check with your favorite news outlet for coverage. 

Guest List:

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