Thursday, 1 June 2023

Royal Attendance at Wimbledon 2023 (July 3rd-16th)

Royal attendance is not usually announced in advance (except for those attending in an official capacity).  But look out for: 

President/Patron: Princess Kate (Patron of Wimbledon & LTA) & Duchess of Gloucester (Honorary President of LTA)
Other Royals: Queen Camilla, Edinburghs, Prince & Princess Michael of Kent, etc.  
Foreign Royals: (varies each year) 
Extended Family: Phillips/Tindalls, The Kent & Gloucester's children, Middletons/ Matthews, Camilla's sister, etc.

The Royals almost always sit in the Royal Box at Centre Court. The day's matches in the Centre Court usually begin at 1:30 PM, except during the final weekend when matches begin at 2 PM. We will not see a royal attend every day. Expect higher attendance during the 2nd week. 

Monday July 3rd (Day 1)
  • Prince Michael of Kent
Not in the Royal box
  • Lord Frederick Windsor
    • (Son of Prince Michael of Kent)

Tuesday 4th (Day 2)
  • Princess Kate
  • Prince Michael of Kent
    • Lady Gabriella & Thomas Kingston
  • (Duchess of Gloucester  attended the Lawn Tennis Association Tennis Awards at the National Tennis Centre)

Wednesday 5th (Day 3)
  • Duchess of Gloucester
    • Also attended President's Lunch
  • Not in the Royal Box
    • Flora & Thomas Vesterberg
      • (Princess Alexandra’s granddaughter & grandson-in-law)
  • [NHS Staff & supporters to mark it’s 75th Birthday]

Thursday 6th (Day 4)
  • None
  • Not in the Royal Box
    • Lord Frederick Windsor
      • (Son of Prince Michael of Kent)
    • James & Alizée Middleton
      • (Princess Kate’s brother & sister-in-law)

Friday 7th (Day 5)
  • Earl of St. Andrews
    • Lady Amelia Windsor
    • (Duke of Kent’s son & Granddaughter)

Saturday 8th (Day 6)
  • None
  • [Sports people in Royal Box]

Middle Sunday 9th  (Day 7)
  • None
  • Not in the Royal Box
    • Lord Frederick Windsor
      • (Son of Prince Michael of Kent)

Monday 10th  (Day 8)
    • Duchess of Gloucester
    • Prince Michael of Kent
    • Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
      • (Supporting Danish Player Holger Rune in Quarter Finals)

    Tuesday 11th (Day 9)
    • Lady Sarah & Daniel Chatto
      • (The late Princess Margaret’s daughter & son-in-law).

    Wednesday 12th (Day 10)
    • Queen Camilla
      • Annabel Elliott (Camilla’s sister)
    • Prince Albert of Monaco
      • Mélanie-Antoinette de Massy 
        • (Prince Albert’s 2nd cousin)
    • Peter Phillips & Lindsay Wallace
      • (Princess Anne’s son & his girlfriend)
    • Not in the Royal Box
      • Zara & Mike Tindall 
        • (Princess Anne’s daughter & son-in-law)
      • Lord Frederick Windsor
        • (Son of Prince Michael of Kent)
      • Pippa & James Matthews
        • (Princess Kate’s sister & brother-in-law)

    Thursday 13th - Quarter Finals  (Day 11)
    • None

    Friday 14th - Semi-Finals  (Day 12)
    • Duchess of Gloucester
    • Princess Beatrice & Edo Mapelli Mozzi
    • Duke of Kent
      • Lady Helen Taylor
        • Columbus Taylor
      •  (Duke of Kent’s Daughter & grandson)
    • Princess Michael of Kent
    • Lady Sarah Chatto
      • (The late Princess Margaret’s daughter).

      Saturday 15th - Finals (Day 13)
      • Princess Kate
      • Not in the Royal Box
        • Lady Sophie Windsor 
          • (Prince Michael of Kent's daughter-in-law)

      Sunday 16th - Finals (Day 14)
      • Prince William Princess Kate
        • Prince George
        • Princess Charlotte
      • Prince & Princess  Michael of Kent
        • Lord Frederick & Lady Sophie Windsor 
          • (Prince Michael of Kent's son and daughter-in-law)
      • King Felipe of Spain
        • (Supporting Spanish Player Carlos Alcaraz in finals)
      • Not in the Royal Box
        • Lady Gabriella & Thomas Kingston
        • Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece

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