Thursday 1 June 2023

June 2023 Q&A

 When we first started this blog, we had Friday Q&A, where we would answer readers' questions. That eventually ended as people were just asking me questions on Twitter all the time. And it seemed easiest to just answer them there. 

We have decided to resume our Q&As, as I often get asked the same questions again and again on social media. And this gives me a chance to give a longer, more detailed answer. 

Submit your questions. We aren't able to answer everyone's questions but from time to time will try to pick one that is asked a lot, or is particularly interesting, or relevant. 

Q1: Do you think Prince Harry will ever be made a Knight of the Order of the Garter? And if so will he be given the honor by King Charles or William?

The Order of the Garter is normally only given to Working Blood Royals, and usually given in their 40s or 50s when they had a few decades of service to the Monarchy. The two exceptions are Heirs to the thrones (or heirs of heir) who are usually given the honor younger. And Spouses of the Monarch & Heir are the only non-blood royal to be included in the Order.

Back when he was a working royal and on good terms with the Royal Family, it I think it was inevitable that he would some day get the Order of Garter. But given that he is not longer a working royal I don't think he will ever be given the Order of the Garter. 

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Q2: What is Princess Eugenie's mailing address? 

Mail for Princess Eugenie should be sent to Buckingham Palace. They will forward it on. You can find all the addresses for the Royals here. 

Buckingham Palace 

London SW1AA

United Kingdom

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  1. Do you think Prince Harry will ever be made an Knight of the Order of the Garter? And if so will he be given it by King Charles or William?