What is Gert's Royals: Mainly it is a Twitter, @gertsroyals, where we tweet about Royal things that interest us, that we think other people would find interesting and should know. We mainly focus on William, Kate, and Harry, but also focus on the British Royal Family as a whole and other European Royals.

Gert's Royals tries to focus on the work Royals do, not what clothes they wear and where to find a cheaper version.

As a wise woman once said about the Royals, 

"One should never Aspire to be them; but rather, be Inspired by them." 

What you will find on this blog:
  • Calendar of Royal Events
  • Lists of Official Engagements 
    • For William, Kate & Harry
    • So, you know when we will see them next. And to recognize the work that they do throughout the year and to keep an accurate account of that
  • Lists of Official Patronages
    • For select Royals.
    • If you are looking to RepliKate, this is the best place to start. 
  • Monthly Q&A
    • Where I try to answer people's random Royal Questions.
      • and correct any misinformation that is out there
  • Writing to the Royals
    • Detailed guide on Royal Correspondences
    • Who, What, Where, When & How
  • MORE!!!
Most Everything is accessible through the Tabs at the Top of the Page. And be aware that I am constantly editing things and rearranging! One of the things I love about a blog is its permanence & mailability. 

Email: gertsroyals@gmail.com 

Want to collaborate on something? or interview us? Yes, that is our actual email, that you can use to contact us.

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Disclaimer: Gert's Royals is not associated with the British Royal Family or any other Royals. Nor are we affiliated with any of the organizations and charities mentioned or link to in this blog.

The pictures are usually all Embedded from Getty Images, or they are ours. Either way, do not use them without the appropriate permission. 


  1. How do I like your page? I love reading it.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy Gert's Royals! We are on Twitter (Instagram & Facebook occasionally) and you can like us there.

    We just added a Google+ Followers button to our blog. I'm not really on Google Plus so I don't know too much what it does. But the Button is there to click on.

    Twitter is really the best place to follow all the latest news, since our blog posts are often made in advance and updated as more information is released. But if you not on Twitter, we have it on our side bar so you can keep uptodate.