Monday, 16 May 2016

Prince Oscar Christening - May 27th

Prince Oscar of Sweden will being christened on Friday, 27th May. He is the 2nd child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel and is 3rd in line to the Swedish Throne. He will be almost 4 months old when christened.

The christening will take place at the Royal Chapel (Slottskyrkan) at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Swedish public service broadcaster, Sveriges Television, will broadcasting Prince Oscar's christening. The Live Coverage starts at 11.30 AM. The Live Stream and Service will both be in Swedish, but don't worry it's not hard to follow and, of course, a bunch of us will be Live Tweeting the whole thing.

**Live Stream Link**

Schedule: 11 AM Stockholm = (10 AM London) (5 AM Toronto/New York) (2 AM San Francisco) (8 PM Sydney)

11.00 AM Guests arrive at Chapel

*11.30  Live Steam Starts*

12.00 Christening ceremony

12.40 Guests leave Chapel

1.00 PM  King and Queen hold Reception

*1.00  Live Steam Ends*

(Later: Private Lunch)

Immediate Family, Godparents plus spouses, representatives from Parliament, the Government and Official Sweden.
  • Swedish Royals
    • King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia
    • Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel
      • Princess Estelle
    • Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia
    • Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neil
      • Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas
  • Foreign Royals
    • Crown Prince Frederik and Cornw Princess Mary of Denmark
    • Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway
Full Guest list can be found here

In Lieu of gifts the couple has asked for donations to the Crown Princess Couple's Foundation, which supports Children and Young people, with a focus on social isolation and health. 

If you are international,  donations can also be made to a local children's charity, or to a some other cause you support. 

God Parents:
Official Photos:
Official Christening Pictures should be released with in a few days of the ceremony.  There will be a few different combinations of photos:
  • Family: Victoria, Daniel, Estelle & Oscar. 
  • Extended family: Oscar, Parents & Grandparents (Both Sets)
  • Godparents: Oscar, Parents and God Parents
Prince Oscar will be christened in the same dress worn by Victoria, Carl Philip, Madeleine, Estelle, Leonore & Nicolas at their christenings.

Christening Guests will be in Morning Dress.

You will see the member of the royal family wear their Family Order. Prince Nicolas will be given the Royal Order of the Seraphim during his christening.


  1. Princess Madeleine is also one of the leading favourites to be a godmother.
    Also official photo wise, from both Leonore and Nicolas's christenings there was photo released of the parents, christened child and the aunts/uncles (in this case that should be Madeleine, Carl Philip, Daniels sister Anna, Victoria, Daniel and Oscar.)
    I'm most looking forward to seeing the official photo of the family of four, and Estelle and possibly Leonore's antics during the ceremony.

    1. Princess Madeleine is Not the list of unconfirmed Godparents, because we can't say with any certainly it will be her. It very likely going to be one the Victoria's Siblings or their spouses, but we don't really know which. Daniel sister is already a godmother to Estelle, so no sibling from that side.

      With the foreign royals, they would not be attending if they weren't a godparent, so we can say with certainly there.

      I didn't include the aunt/uncles pic, because we didn't see it with Princess Estelle. I only wanted to include the things we know pretty much for certain. I also wanted to favor Estelle's Christening over Leonore and Nicolas. Because I think a Sibling is a better comparison than a cousin.

    2. Ahh I think it was that I wasn't too clear on my meaning. Perhaps I should've said Princess Madeleine was then unconfirmed frontrunner to be selected as a godmother. As at the time princess Madeleine was pretty much topping all the polls, run by actual bookmakers, and on the various royal forum/blog discussions.

      Also quite a few foreign royals who weren't godparents attended Estelle's christening so technically the precedent was there (though Estelle is 2nd in line, whereas Oscar is 3rd.) For example Märtha Louise and Ari, of Norway, Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg and then Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, Margrethe and Henrik, all attended Estelle’s.

      Oh right, I see your point there re the photos and certainty. That is also true siblings are a better comparison. Hopefully we see a photo of Carl Philip/Madeleine/Anna, with Oscar, Daniel, Victoria and possibly Estelle too. There's also the potential influencing factor of position in line for the throne, with that of Estelle and Oscar, being higher, the larger royal chapel, and ceremony whereas Lenore and Nicolas’s, lower, were in a smaller chapel. Hmm I wonder where Alexanders will be held, your thoughts?

    3. I really don't know too much about all the possible different choices, to really predict where Alexanders would be held. But since nothing has been announced yet. I wonder if we might see something over their summer holiday at Solliden Palace. That would be a nice change.